Best Baby Play Gyms 2022

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How to Pick Best Activity Gym for Your Baby

Babies begin to learn the world from the first minutes of life. And it is very important that parents help them do this with the help of various devices and things. The baby gym is constructed with toys that help the infant to develop both mentally and physically.

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They not only help the child to develop but also entertain him or her. This review has specifically been written to tell you about the benefits of the infants play gyms and help you choose the one for your baby.

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TOP 10 Baby Gyms For Development And Fun

Here is a list of the best 10 baby play gyms. I suggest you consider the pros and cons!

funny supply Wooden Baby Gym with 6 Gym Toys Foldable Baby Play Gym Frame Activity Center Hanging Bar Newborn GiftFUNNY SUPPLYBuy on Amazon
Wooden Baby Play Gym, PgUp Foldable Baby Gym with 4 Wooden Baby Hanging Toys for Play & Learn, Baby Activity Gym Frame Hanging Bar Toddler Gym Newborn Gift for Baby Girl and BoyPgUpBuy on Amazon
FUNNY SUPPLY Wood Baby Gym with 5 Gym Toys Stable Wood Activity Gym Hanging Bar Newborn Gift Baby Gym GreyFUNNY SUPPLYBuy on Amazon
LaviElle Baby Play Gym Foldable Wooden Baby Gym Includes Non Toxic Baby Teething Toys Wooden Play Gym Newborn and Baby Activity Gym for 0-1.5 Years Play Gym for Baby with Gender Neutral Baby ToyLAVIELLEBuy on Amazon
Wooden Baby Play Gym Foldable Baby Play Gym Frame Activity Gym Hanging Bar with 5 Gym Baby Toys Natural Gift for Newborn Baby (Foldable Grey)AvrsolBuy on Amazon
Homegician Wooden Baby Gym with 3 Wooden Baby Teething Toys Foldable Baby Wood Play Gym Frame Activity Gym Hanging Bar Newborn Gift Infant to Toddler Shower Gift Wooden GymHomegicianBuy on Amazon
Wooden Baby Gym with 6 Wooden Baby Toys Foldable Baby Play Gym Frame Activity Gym Hanging Bar Newborn Gift Baby Girl and Boy Gym (Natural Color)HAN-MMBuy on Amazon
HABA Color Fun Play Gym - Wooden Activity Center with Adjustable Height, Sliding Discs and Dangling FrogHABABuy on Amazon
Wooden Play Gym for Baby Infant Activity Set WILD WEST ADVENTURES Cowboy Natural Wooden Montessori Mobile Toys with Wooden Frame Play Gym Activity Set and Handmade Crochet teething toysMali WearBuy on Amazon
Ewer Baby Wood Gym with 3 Gym Toys Frame Foldable Play Gym Fun Activity Center Hanging Bar for Newborn Baby Shower Gift Girl and Boy, Wood ColorEwerBuy on Amazon

1# FUNNY SUPPLY Wooden Baby Gym – Amazon’s Choice

FUNNY SUPPLY Wooden Baby Gym

View on Amazon

A baby gym that is designed for your baby. You can use it with any cradle, basket, game rug, and so on. Just put the child in the cradle and he or she will have fun with toys. The child will try to reach them and this will contribute to his development. The design is made of wood and stands stably on 4 legs.

The wood is safe for children and has a beneficial effect on them. This material is smooth, so don’t worry about the child getting hurt. You don’t need to spend a lot of time assembling a gym. This is done without tools. The gym comes with 3 toys that hang over your child and he can watch and play with them. You can change the length at which they hang thanks to the silk ribbon.

They can be removed and put into the hands of the child. Don’t be afraid of the child takes these toys in his mouth. They are safe and can be used as a teether. You can also hang other toys. The child can both lie and sit under the structure, depending on his age and desire. The design has a neutral color, so it is perfect for both a boy and a girl. And the wood always fits perfectly into any room interior.

  • Robust and stable construction

  • Removable toys

  • Safe material

  • Classic color

  • On the carpet may not stay so stable

2# PgUp Wooden Baby Play Gym

BABY JOY Portable Wooden Baby Gym

View on Amazon

Your kid will not be capricious because he will be occupied with looking at toys and playing with the gym. The structure is made of wood, namely pine, beech, and lotus. This is a safe material for children so you can not worry about their health. The wood smells good. Included are 3 toys.

They resemble cartoon characters, so children will be even more interested. The gym can be folded. Your space will be freed when you aren’t using the gym. Your child will be safe thanks to 4 steady legs. A rope also connects each side to make the structure even more stable. Delicate tones are perfect for any interior and can be presented to both girls and boys.

  • Can be folded

  • Made in Scandinavian style

  • Child development

  • Safety

  • Comes with a pleasant smell of wood

  • In reality, it looks a little bigger than in the photo

3# FUNNY SUPPLY Wood Baby Gym


View on Amazon

Your child will be passionate about playing with this gym. It is stable while playing with toys. Therefore, this design is responsible for its safety and reliability. The gym is made of wood. The material doesn’t contain chemicals and the wood is well polished. The child will play with 5 toys that hang over him. They can hang at different heights. This thing contributes to the development of your child!

  • Includes 5 toys

  • Smooth construction surface

  • Universal design

  • It may not be clear how to assemble

4# LaviElle Wooden Baby Gym

LaviElle Wooden Baby Gym

View on Amazon

You as a parent will love this gym for your child! You can use it from the very birth of your baby. This is an ideal design for the development of a child up to 1.5 years. It is an environmentally friendly design that is made of wood. The gym has a simple construction but at the same time is safe and stable.

It includes 6 wooden toys. They help the child develop various skills, such as visual and auditory. Toys can be removed and the child will be able to play with them. So he or she will be able to develop fine motor skills. This is an affordable option for the development of your baby!

  • A varied selection of toys

  • Safe material

  • Toys can be removed

  • Useless for children over 1.5-2 years old

5# Avrsol Wooden Baby Play Gym

BABY JOY Portable Wooden Baby Gym

View on Amazon

You will fall in love with the design of this gym. Firstly, it is made of wood. Such material always looks stylish and is usually suitable for any room interior. Secondly, the manufacturer complemented the design with bright birch elements on the legs of the structure. You will get 3 toys that vary slightly in design. They are also painted in birch. This will attract the baby and develop his visual skills. This is a multi-functional gym that promotes the mental and physical development of the child.

  • Bright design

  • Wooden structure and toys

  • Compact

  • There may be a smell after unpacking

6# Homegician Baby Wood Gym

Homegician Baby Wood Gym

View on Amazon

Compact with a cute design baby gym for your child. Natural wood is completely safe and looks great in the interior of a children’s room. The legs are painted white which attracts the child. The kid will be played with three toys that hang over him. Games can take place sitting or lying down. You can take off toys as well as hang others. They are also made of wood and children can take them in their mouths. They are excellent teethers. You can save space by folding the baby gym when not using it.

  • Can be folded for storage

  • Nice design

  • Removable toys

  • Doesn’t include instruction

7# HAN-MM Wooden Baby Gym

HAN-MM Wooden Baby Gym

View on Amazon

Get this gym, put it together without any problems and your child will enjoy playing with hanging toys. Wood is a durable material that is practical for children to use. The kid will be able to play with 3 toys, as well as with teethers. Never leave your baby alone while playing with the gym.

  • Natural color

  • No difficulty to assemble

  • You can remove toys and add others

  • There may be a specific smell

8# HABA Color Fun Play Gym

HABA Color Fun Play Gym

View on Amazon

This is a universal baby gym that is suitable for children at all stages of their development. You can adjust the height of the bar. You can install it below and then the child will be able to touch the toy. If you set it higher, then kids will try to reach for the toy and thus develop their muscles. The bright design allows your children to develop eyes. Kids will be happy to see bright colors. You can add various barbell toys. Babies can play with balls and move them from side to side. If they do everything right, kids will hear a sound.

  • You can adjust the height

  • Large play area

  • Bright toys

  • Large enough design

9# Mali Wear Wooden Play Gym for Baby

Mali Wear Wooden Play Gym Baby

View on Amazon

This infant gym is distinguished by its unusual toys. The kid will be able to play with 5 different toys that hang on the gym bar. The child will play with toys in the form of animals, stars, and so on. They are made of wood and are also soft. You can hang toys at different heights. The kid will try to reach them with arms and legs. The construction itself is made of wood and it stands firmly on the floor or carpet. The frame folds up for easy storage.

  • Legs can be folded

  • Environmental material

  • Variety of toys

  • Price may embarrass

10# Ewer Baby Wood Gym

Ewer Baby Wood Gym

View on Amazon

Pine has a beneficial effect on the child and is safe for him. The wood is smooth so the baby will not get any injuries. It includes 3 toys that are also made of wood. You can take them off and let the child play. Thus, he or she will be able to develop his tactile sensations. If you want to replace toys or hang others, then this can easily be done because they are removable. This is a great gift for kids and their parents!

  • Safe design for baby

  • Doesn’t take up much space

  • Smooth material

  • Good price

  • There are no bright elements in the baby gym

What Is the Best Baby Play Gym?

Baby play gym is a design that stands on 4 legs. They are usually made of wood. Toys hang on such constructions. They encourage your child to reach them which contributes to their physical development. But these are not all the functions of the gym. This design can be used by children from birth. But the ideal age is considered to be from 4 to 9 months. When the child begins to learn to walk, this gym will be an excellent support for him or her. Read on to find out more about the benefits of this item.

Benefits of Baby Gym

Benefits Baby Gym

The benefits of the baby gym are huge for children. Thanks to hanging toys and rattles, the child will develop various skills. They contribute to the comprehensive development of children and help the child to get all kinds of skills, to learn about the world around him, and adapt to it. Through tactile and auditory sensations, the baby begins to recognize the environment and people. The child will try to reach them with arms and legs and thus develop physically.

This will stimulate him or her to sit up and stand up according to age. This develops its coordination, as well as the eyes. They are developing as the child’s eyes follow objects moving slowly. The design and toys also allow the child to develop auditory skills. This is due to the fact that the child listens to the sounds made from toys when they rattle and sound. Also, toys can be musical. Hanging toys will help teach the baby to concentrate, differentiate objects, pictures, control their movements, and develop a quick reaction.

The kid develops fine motor skills due to the fact that he or she touches the toys with his hands. Grabbing toys improve and train the speech-motor departments of the cerebral cortex. The toys are made in such a way that they massage the baby’s arms. At 4 months, a child can accurately hit a toy suspended directly in front of him. By the age of 5 months, such an arbitrary reaction appears as visually directed retrieval of objects close to the child. All this can also be trained using the baby gym. As you can see, the benefits of such a design are colossal for a child!

Advantages of Wooden Toys

natural materials simulators

The best material for a baby gym is wood. Let’s see why this material is worth choosing. Toys and wooden structures have many positive qualities, unlike plastic. Natural material has natural energy, heat, and special texture on the surface of the product. Having such a gift from the first days, the baby, through touch and smell, learns to find out the world, comprehending a complete and correct idea of ​​the environment. In addition, the advantages of choosing wooden toys are as follows:

Environmental friendliness. Such a product is completely safe for the child, even if he or she tastes the product. Unlike plastic, which can provoke toxic poisoning and allergies in the baby.

Durability. Wood is hard to smash. Toys are stored for many years, without requiring special storage conditions.

Easy to care for. To clean the product, just wipe it with soapy water or a normal damp cloth.

Naturalness. Wood allows the baby to feel the heat, texture, structure of the material. It has a pleasant smell.

Reality. The child learns the world around him for smell, taste, and sensations. The advantages of wooden toys are that they help to feel the real weight of the product, its density.

Wooden toys, rattles teach a child to recognize a new world through sound and visual perception.


Baby gyms are constructions that are made of safe and ecological materials. They contribute to the full development of your children. In my article, I presented the best models that are suitable for children from 0 to 1.5 years old! Choose and make your children happy.

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