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Muay Thai Belly Pad

One of the most underrated projectiles is the Muay Thai Belly Pad. It is used to help absorb the entire spectrum of impacts: hands, feet, knees. The fighter can deliver solid punches to the abs, kidneys, and liver, while the trainer will be well protected from possible damage. Without this protection, your partner will feel pain, and you will not be able to work at full capacity since you will feel sorry for your partner in most cases. There is also psychological comfort.

Our Compilation of 11 Best Muay Thai Belly Pads – Editor’s Choice

Fairtex Leather Boxing Muay Thai MMA Training Kick Shield Rib Guard Body Protector Belly PadFairtexBuy on Amazon
Combat Sports Dome Air Tech8482; Belly PadCombat SportsBuy on Amazon
Ringside Boxing Micro Body ProtectorRingsideBuy on Amazon
MMA Muay Thai Belly PadRing to CageBuy on Amazon
Venum Elite Belly Protector - Black/Red - One SizeVenumBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
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Title Boxing Classic Command Body Protector 2.0, Black/RedTitle BoxingBuy on Amazon
Windy Belly ProtectorWINDYBuy on Amazon

I have selected 11 of the best belly pads that are the highest quality and most reliable on the market. Below I will dwell on belts from the most popular manufacturers – Twins, Title, Venum, RDX, Fairtex, and others.

1# Fairtex Protector Belly Pad Leather Rib Guard Body – Amazon’s Choice

Fairtex Protector Belly Pad

View on Amazon

The belly pad is made of genuine leather. It is hand-sewn, with a light steel plate in the center of the belt, with high flexibility. A triple-layer of foam of different density absorbs impact force. Increased height of the protective part of the belt. The size is regulated by a wide reliable Velcro. It has side percussion bulging percussion targets. The anatomical shape of the Fairtex belt provides greater comfort during training.

  • High-quality inner filling in the form of multi-layer foam

  • The secure Velcro fastening system

  • Heavy enough

2# Combat Belly Pad Sports Dome Air Tech

Combat Belly Pad Sports Dome

View on Amazon

This is a convenient accessory that every trainer will appreciate. The belt is made by hand from high-quality leather. This provides a comfortable and snug fit. The inner filling is dense foam, which perfectly absorbs shocks and thus protects against injury. Fixation behind the back with a wide Velcro, which allows you to put it on the belt without help.

  • Bright design

  • It’s thick

  • It can be too big for very thin people

3# Ringside Boxing Micro Body Protector – Amazon’s Choice

Ringside Boxing Micro Body Protector

View on Amazon

Excellent equipment for the trainer when practicing the athlete’s body strikes and strike combinations. Excellent hold with Velcro. Protects the stomach thanks to its unique shape. It is made from quality shock-absorbing materials. The belt does not interfere with movement naturally. Due to the multi-layer foam filler, the impact energy is absorbed and dissipated without harming its owner.

  • Handwork

  • Great price

  • The color is slightly darker than in the photo

4# Ring to Cage MMA Muay Thai Belly Pad

Ring to Cage Muay Thai Belly Pad

View on Amazon

Quality RING TO CAGE gear provides professional protection. The multi-layer foam filling helps to better dissipate the force of the impact, especially at the most vulnerable points of the body. Cushioning padding provides resilience and impact efficiency. The protection structure provides a snug fit. This Belly Pad is made of high-quality PU leather which is highly resistant to external influences and damage. The material of manufacture is dense and resistant to wear.

  • Lightweight gear does not interfere with your workouts

  • Adjustable straps keep the strap in place

  • One color available

5# Venum Elite Belly Protector

Venum Elite Belly Protector

View on Amazon

The protection is made of the highest quality synthetic leather Skintex with a three-layer inner filling. Equipped with reinforced areas for better protection of vital organs, as well as for more detailed training of strikes against them. Provides full 180-degree protection. Its anatomical shape and adjustable straps guarantee an unlimited range of motion in the upper and tender parts of the body, making it easy to counter attacks.

  • Anatomical shape

  • Adjustable straps

  • I found no flaws

6# Fairtex New Belly Pads Guard BPV3

Fairtex New Belly Pads Guard BPV3

View on Amazon

This Muay Thai belly pad is specially designed for the trainer. Performs a protective function of a trainer, as a rule, it is used in tandem with paws or pads. It fits tightly with a wide Velcro strap on the back. Such a belt is necessary if the fighter works out not only punches and elbows, but also kicks. Made from micro fiber. The lower part of the belt has been slightly increased to provide more protection for the trainer’s groin.

  • Lightweight design

  • A wide Velcro strap allows you to fix the belt on any person

  • Difficult to put on

7# RDX Boxing Belly Pad

RDX Boxing Belly Pad

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This model is great at absorbing shocks to the chest and abdomen. Multi-layer foam padding softens all blows without causing severe bodily harm. The high-strength leather material of the belt is highly durable. The fixing elements prevent the protective belt from moving limply. The width of the belt covers quite the most vulnerable area on the coach’s body. It will be much more difficult to harm the health of the partner. Even in a fit of sports anger, there are no threats to life.

  • Using high-quality materials in the form of Maya leather

  • Increased wear resistance and strength

  • Bulky enough

8# Twins Belly Protector

Twins Belly Protector

View on Amazon

The belt reliably protects the chest and abdomen of the trainer from impacts. Thanks to the multi-layer foam padding, the belt effectively absorbs and dissipates impact energy. The model is also equipped with rigid inserts made of lightweight alloy to maintain shape. Handcrafted from thick and durable leather that can withstand multiple workouts. Ideal for practicing punches, elbows, and knees. Often used in combination with boxing paws. A comfortable and wide Velcro strap provides a secure fit.

  • It withstands over 10 years of the most intense workouts

  • Very lightweight

  • There are models cheaper than this

9# Roar Boxing Muay Thai Belly Pad

Roar Boxing Muay Thai Belly Pad

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Use this Belly Pad in combination with paws or gloves, allowing the trainer/companion to receive kicks to the core and abdomen in reciprocal combinations. It is mainly an attribute of Muay Thai. Thick padding protects against impacts, there are additional modules on the sides to protect against more powerful side impacts.

  • Compact design

  • One size fits all

  • I found no flaws

10# Title Boxing Classic Command Body Protector 2.0 – #1 Best Seller

Title Boxing Command Body Protector 2.0

View on Amazon

This protective belt provides excellent protection for kicks and punches. The tight belt hinders the athlete’s movements a little. It has a strap attachment and provides an easy fit. This belt is made of highly durable synthetic leather. It has multi-layer foam padding along the entire striking surface of the vest, which provides shock-absorbing properties and reduces the force of the impact received.

  • Good moisture wicking

  • Comfortable shoulder straps

  • There may be an unpleasant smell at first

11# Windy Belly Protector

Windy Belly Protector

View on Amazon

Windy is time-tested brand. The classic trainer belt. Inside it is the lightest steel plate. Velcro closure on the back allows you to comfortably fit the belt to your body. This sports equipment is made of synthetic materials, which will not crack with prolonged use.

  • Robust construction

  • Lightweight

  • Solid packing

What is Muay Thai Belly Pad?

This is an extremely necessary component of the training process in a trainer-ward pair. Firstly, it enables the athlete to strike with full force, which helps the fighter to visualize a real fight. Secondly, it performs a protective function for the mentor himself, who can now take the blows inflicted without harm to health.

Today, the coach’s belt is used in classic boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and some other disciplines. In such martial arts as sambo or jiu-jitsu, where a lot of attention is paid to takedowns and work on the ground, the use of a coach’s belt is unreasonable. It will simply get in the way, as it is quite bulky and reduces overall mobility, not allowing you to fight effectively. The purpose of this equipment is to protect the sparring partner from possible injury during aggressive training.

Structurally, it is a large belt, which in the widest frontal part is up to 30 centimeters and more. It is made of dense materials (mainly leather – natural and engineered) and reinforced with special padding that dampens the impulse of an oncoming impact. The belt protects such vulnerable areas of the body of its wearer as the liver, spleen, and ribs. Multi-layered foam padding dissipates and absorbs impact energy, protecting vital areas of the body without harming the trainer.

With Muay Thai belly pad, it works great for sparring, straight punches, and knees. In principle, the knee punches cannot be worked out with a partner without a belt. This applies to almost all strikes. In Thailand, almost all trainers wear belly Pas so that the fighter can throw different punches at all levels.

The belt perfectly protects not only from straight punches, but also from flank attacks, some models have additional “targets” on the sides, and not just one big one in front. The belt does not provide back protection.

How to Choose the Right?

If you want to actively train and be protected and not get injured, you need the Muay Thai Belly Pad. This outfit is similar to a belt but has a very wide protective area. Apart from the abdomen, the belt can cover the sides, chest, including the area below the abdomen. Due to this, boxers practice a variety of combinations and strikes. A vest for practicing martial arts with protection has a hard filling. For boxing, the classic version is quite enough, it will only protect the body, and no other elements are needed.

Muay Thai belly pad is a very important piece of equipment for practicing blows. The belt is made of very strong modern materials. Filler made of helium and foam, made of good quality material, it protects the chest, abdominal cavity. This kind of equipment is very popular and is the choice of many coaches and fighters.

Instead of a filler, in most cases, absorbent material is used, it absorbs and does not release odors and moisture, absorbs capacitive shocks well, and ensures its uniform distribution. Most of the layers are great. As for the colors, traditional blue and red design colors, as well as a black vest, are more common. If a long-term operation of the vest is expected, it is better to give preference to natural leather products, the brand is also very important.

First of all, equipment for protection is:

  • Increased security
  • Reduction of injuries
  • Very high endurance
  • Very comfortable and safe training

What Muscles Are Involved in Muay Thai?

Almost all. In Muay Thai, kicks are often delivered with leg twists and turns. The calf muscles and quadriceps develop, it is they who generate such blows. The hips are also important. The stronger the boxer has, the easier it will be for him to control the balance. Forearms get tired most quickly in boxing, and special attention should be paid to their development. Trained abdominal muscles will help combine strength into one powerful punch.

The back is a kind of the core of the whole body. The arms, like the legs, stroke, and protect against the opponent’s counterattacks. Triceps are needed for the speed of straight punches, biceps for the whip, and stiffness of hooks and uppercuts. Well, the shoulders, neck, and chest are also worked out during training. Exercising with the Muay Thai belly pad helps you not only improve your skills but also strengthen the muscles throughout your body.


Muay Thai belly pad is designed for a trainer, for practicing strikes: straight, side, jabs, knees, and various combinations, have targeted on the sides for strikes. I advise you to take a closer look at the Fairtex Belly Pad.

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