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Best Powerlifting Barbell

Top 11 Powerlifting Barbell

#1 Albott Olympic Barbell

Albott Olympic Barbell

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Cerakote training bar with the best finish- Cerakote, protects against corrosion resistance, enhances impact strength, and chemical resistance in the most extreme conditions, also makes a highly effective barrier against oxidation and corrosionbasically, makes your bar maintenance-free forever.

This barbell Use 8 real needle bearings and two brass bearings to deliver a stable controlled rotation, allow for faster movements to chest or overhead, like clean & jerk or snatch, reduce the impact on your wrists and shoulders.

Tensile strength of 190,000 PSI provides an extra durable under load. 1500lb (real) capacity ability withstands more weight plates, just strengthen your Back, glutes, legs, forearms, and shoulders so on.

 28 mm shaft diameter and standard knurling are perfect for Olympic lifts and while the bar does have some whip to it, it’s still stiff enough for static lifts like deadlifts, squats, and presses. be confident to use this bar for an entire barbell-based workout.

#2 Synergee 45lb Rhino Power Bar

Synergee 45lb Rhino Power Bar

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The Rhino is different from our Open, Regionals, and Games barbells because it is stiffer, has less flex, is made without bearings. Plus, it has an aggressive knurl. It is rigid, has a little whip, but still exhibits a smooth spin: it’s got everything you need to crush your next meet.

This bar weighs a solid 45 lbs, 29 mm diameter, and 16.4” of loadable space on each sleeve. It carries a tensile strength rating of 190 000 PSI, a 1500 lb weight capacity, and bears an aggressive volcano knurling. The Synergee Rhino Bar is designed to withstand your heavy training sessions and help you become strong as heck.

Our Steel Bar has a Cerakote-coated shaft and Black Phosphate sleeves, giving it a tough as nails, no-nonsense look. . It is intentionally built to withstand your heaviest lifting sessions so you can lift, drop, repeat until your body becomes engrained with your gains. And it will look awesome the whole way through.

This comes with a 45 lb Rhino Power Lifting Bar, accompanied by a complimentary pack of Wrist Wraps and Lifting Straps.

#3 E.T.ENERGIC Olympic Barbell Bar

E.T.ENERGIC Olympic Barbell Bar

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7-foot Olympic barbell bar made of heat-treated alloy steel, which has the characteristics of high load-bearing capacity and flexibility. 215,000 PSI tensile strength, strong enough to load 2000LBS fit your most demanding lifts *Fits standard 2-in weight plates*

 With the 29mm grip shaft with single powerlifting marks and a center knurling, the aggressive knurling makes a good performance at the bench, squat, and deadlift. The knurling design can also effectively reduce the tension in the wrist and forearm, increase the safety of sports and ensure comfort

The sleeves of barbells are often constructed with either bushings or bearings. Our Olympic bar sleeves are friction welded, it’s stronger than normal welding sleeves. Each of the rotating sleeves with 2 big copper bushings. Bushings provide a moderate rotation, bearings on the other hand are designed to spin fast and match the catching needs of the snatch and clean & jerk

Our barbell bar adopts a refined design to meet your every strength training. The bar weighs 44pounds (20 kg) and is 86.61 inches (7-foot) long. Suitable for a 2-inch barbell. The knurled design of 29mm satisfies your picky details. Is your high-quality choice for training

#4 XMark VOODOO Weight Bar

XMark VOODOO Weight Bar

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The VOODOO weight bar offers a superior tensile strength of 185,000 PSI with moderate flex and a 1500 lb. weight capacity.

Crafted using heat-treated alloy steel and a snap ring lock system, the VOODOO barbell offers the ultimate performance for Olympic and powerlifting routines.

The 28mm grip shaft of the VOODOO Olympic barbell has a black manganese phosphate coating which is one of the hardest coatings available and provides unbeatable abrasion protection. Protect your investment by wiping down your bar regularly with a light coat of 3-in-1 oil.

#5 XMark CROWBAR Weight Bar

XMark CROWBAR Weight Bar

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The XMark CROWBAR Olympic barbell is built like a tank. With a solid, heat-treated alloy steel construction, a tensile strength rating of 185,000 PSI, and a 1500 lb weight capacity the CROWBAR weight bar stands strong and ready for your most demanding lifts.

The 28.5 mm grip shaft has center knurling and a hard black manganese phosphate coating for a unique grip that feels glued to your hands but soft enough to not tear into them. All it takes to protect your investment is wiping down your bar regularly with a light coat of 3-in-1 oil.

The sleeves of this CROWBAR barbell are snuggly secured with a maintenance-free snap ring lock system and brass bushings. They also sport microgrooves which you can rely on to keep your plates tightly in place without shifting during lifting routines.

This commercial Olympic weight bar has been carefully crafted with both function and form in mind and it stands out from its competition. Attention to detail is evident from the hard chrome finish on the sleeves to the black manganese-coated bar with precise knurling for an eye-catching appearance that looks as good as it feels to use.

#6 Bonnlo Barbell Olympic Bar

Bonnlo Barbell Olympic Bar

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The 7ft Olympic bar at 28mm diameter grip, compatible with 2-inch weight plates, is made of high-quality carbon steel. The 44 lb Olympic bar offers performance for cross-training and powerlifting routines

Our Olympic lifting barbell can hold 700lbs weight capacity, recommended for home-use free weight exercises. With ribbing on the bar ends. Screw thread design on the loadable sleeve to prevent the clip from slipping

We use thick cardboard cylinder packaging, packaged to protect the bench press bar. The heavy-duty bar is covered with a light coat of machine oil. You could wipe with a damp cloth before use

 This Olympic barbell is upgraded with brass bearings to allow for rotation and whip. It provides the perfect spin and builds to last. The rotation on the sleeves reduces the amount of torque created by the plates, which provides a more secure grip and reduces stress on your wrists and elbows

#7 Hero Barbell Co. Premium Olympic Competition Barbell

Hero Barbell Co. Premium Olympic Competition Barbell

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A true competition barbell at 28mm diameter (Men’s Olympic standard) for an easy grip, and at 216k tensile strength and a 1500 lb rating, bending this bar will not be an issue. Cheaper bars use lesser-grade steel and add thickness to the bar. 28mm and the right type of steel creates the optimal balance making it a great mixed-use barbell for Functional Fitness, Olympic Lifting, and Powerlifting.

Hard chrome coating is the most rust resistant and lowest maintenance of any coating available. Many other manufacturers avoid this more expensive option and settle for an oxide coating that corrodes and rusts.

Olympic sleeves feature a self-lubricating 8 needle bearings system typically only available on bars priced significantly higher by competitors like Rogue. The rotation on the Legend Bar is very clean and smooth making it ideal for Olympic movements. Sleeves are machine finished to a precise 1.975-inch diameter accommodating for 2” diameter Olympic plates.

With a medium depth knurling, it has plenty of knurl for your heavy lifts, but not a shark tooth knurl that rips up your hands for higher rep workouts. The ends of the shaft feature 16-inch wide areas of medium diamond textured knurling. Ensuring excellent grip and contact through heavy movements. There is no center knurling to help protect your neck and chest from abrasions.

#8 Popsport Olympic Barbell

Popsport Olympic Barbell

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Made of alloy steel with electroplating surface, sturdy enough to hold weight up to 1200LBS/544KG. The premium finish can protect the bar from rusting, corrosion, abrasion. High rebound resilience delivers great performance.

 Fits 2″/50mm Olympic Plates. Each of the rotating sleeves has 4 needle bearings and one copper ring, built to last for a long time. It spins so well and will withstand the weights you put on it. Tensile strength up to 170PSI. Can bring your workout to the next level.

 Anti-skid knurling with dual knurling marks offers an easy, comfortable grip. More ensure your safety by increasing the friction. Perfect for weightlifting, powerlifting, and more. Put on some chalk, and it will work better.

 Also includes two nylon buckles, designed to lock and fix the barbell you put on the bar during a workout. One pair of guard bands are for protecting your wrist and palm.

#9 Yoleo 7ft Olympic Barbell

Yoleo 7ft Olympic Barbell

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The Olympic bar features a 7ft solid iron and steel bar with hard chrome coating, ensure strength and durability. Simply clean your strength training bars to wipe away debris and sweat.

Yolo’s solid weighted bar is compact and convenient enough for all gyms and homes. Multiple knurling positions for your convenience and safe grip, which also can effectively reduce pressure on your wrists and forearms.

Perform a full-body workout such as squats, hip thrust, deadlifts, bench presses, etc. Meet all your training needs, especially your arms, legs, back, and hips.

 A smooth sleeve bar holds weights up to 1000 pounds. All designed to help you improve your general fitness level and health condition. Great for muscle exercise and bone health.

#10 PAPABABE Olympic Barbell

PAPABABE Olympic Barbell

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CONSTRUCTION: Built from solid cold rolled steel with hard chrome finish, ensure strength and durability.

FEATURES: Diamond knurling for a secure grip; Rotating sleeves to reduce pressure on wrists and forearms.

VERSATILE: Get a full-body workout or target specific muscle groups, great for short people to do squat, hip thrust, deadlift. Perfect fit for home gym.

SPECE: Measures 86 inches in overall length; between the length of the sleeve is 53 inches; 16.25 inches loadable sleeve length; 16 inches knurling on either end; 2-inch sleeve diameter to accommodate Olympic (2-inch) weights; weights approximately 45lb and can support a weight capacity of up to 700 lbs.

EFFECT: The superior design of our Olympic Weight Bar allows for a wide variety of workouts, all designed to help you gain lean body mass, lose fat, lower your overall weight and improve your general fitness level and health condition.

#11 LIONSCOOL 7-Foot Olympic Bar

LIONSCOOL 7-Foot Olympic Bar

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LIONSCOOL Olympic Weightlifting Bar is made exclusively from high-grade steel and a hard chrome finish for unmatched oxidation resistance and repeated use. 110000 PSI High tensile strength shaft can stand up to the load and abuse of weightlifting, Olympic lifts, and more.

Every Detail Matters: Top-quality needle bearings and 2 over-sized oil-impregnated bushings inside sleeves for an extremely smooth and quiet spin; Designed with multiple knurling positions for a secure and non-slip grip; 2-inch diameter sleeves to fit Olympic weight plates on.

SPRCS: Full length of the bar is 2200mm; Weighs 20KG; 28mm handgrip diameter; Sleeves are 2-inches in diameter; Loadable sleeve length 16. 3” on each side; Shaft length 51”; 110000 PSI tensile strength steel.

VERSATILE: 700 pounds weight capacity; Great for weightlifting, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting, this bar is perfect to bring your workout to the next level.

Buy with Confidence: Each Barbell is carefully tested and straightened to create just the right amount of “whip” or “flex” that is needed for Olympic lifting. Order today and get a lifetime warranty!

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