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All You Need to Workout at Home

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Sport is what every person needs in modern life. A home gym is an excellent option for maintaining a good shape. A home gym is convenient because, in order to practice, you don’t have to drive to the gym in your city.

The gym at home is always at your service, you can engage in it at any time convenient for you, in addition, you will not be confused by curious looks. You can equip it based on your goals. Let’s see what equipment can be purchased for a home gym. Thanks to this article, you can figure out which gym equipment you need and how not to make a mistake with the choice.

Our Top 13 Best Equipment for Home Gym

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This review presents 13 different best affordable home equipment. Let’s look at them so you can choose the ones that are right for you.

Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride™ Trainer for Glutes Workout with Online Training VideoSunny Health & FitnessBuy on Amazon
TOTAL10 Ab Trainer w/5 Position Inclining Seat That Features The Exclusive 10moves in 10minutes Full Body YouTube Workout | Folds for Secure Storage. Beginner | Intermediate & Advanced Tension.TOTAL10Buy on Amazon
Total Gym APEX G1 Versatile Indoor Home Workout Total Body Strength Training Fitness Equipment with 6 Levels of Resistance and AttachmentsTotal GymBuy on Amazon
Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709MarcyBuy on Amazon
QCHY Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Power Tower Set Chin Up Station Home Gym Workout Strength Training Equipment Fitness Dip Stand Doorway (red)QCHYBuy on Amazon
Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home Workout Total Body Strength Training Fitness Equipment with 10 Levels of Resistance and AttachmentsTotal GymBuy on Amazon
Bowflex PR3000 Home GymBowflexBuy on Amazon
Punching Bag with Stand, for Kids & Adults, Height Adjustable - Freestanding Punching Ball Boxing Speed Bag - Great for MMA Training, Boxing Equipment, Stress Relief & Fitness (Pro)Tech ToolsBuy on Amazon
Fusion Motion Portable Gym with 8 Accessories Including Heavy Resistance Bands, Tricep Bar, Ab Roller Wheel, Pulleys and More - Full Body Workout Home Exercise Equipment to Build Muscle and Burn FatFusion MotionBuy on Amazon
Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym 150lb Weight Stack MachineMarcyBuy on Amazon
Exercise Bike for Home, UREVO Stationary Bike with Floor Mat and 4 Resistance Bands, Exercise Bikes with Comfortable Seat Cushion & Heart Rate Monitor, Spin Bikes with Ipad Holder & Bottle HolderUREVOBuy on Amazon
Bowflex Treadmill BXT116 (Discontinued)BowflexBuy on Amazon
Commercial Home Gym - Smith Machine, Cables with Built in 160 kg Weights (Standard Red)Commercial Home GymBuy on Amazon

1# Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer

Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row

View on Amazon

Do you want to have beautiful buttocks and slender pumped legs? Then you definitely need this exercise machine in your home gym. In addition, the muscles of the abs, back, and arms are involved during training. To perform the exercise correctly and have progress, watch the videos that come with the equipment. You can gradually increase your load thanks to 3 resistance bands.

The seat is adjustable to suit your height. This trainer is suitable for both men and women. If you want to complicate your squats, you can also change the angle of inclination: 30, 60, or 90 degrees. In one workout, you will burn a huge amount of calories. You can be convinced of it thanks to the digital monitor, you will also be able to look at time there and scan. Your workout will be efficient and energy-consuming.

  • Provides full body stress

  • Ability to change the load

  • Includes Online Learning Access

  • Durable Material: aluminum

  • It will be easy for experienced athletes

2# TOTAL10 Ab Trainer Position Inclining Seat

TOTAL10 Ab Trainer Position Inclining Seat

View on Amazon

Variation of exercises for the muscles of the arms and legs. You can perform exercises both sitting and standing. The seat can be adjusted according to your needs. Thanks to the tension bands you can do various exercises for the arms and back. You can reduce or increase the load. You will get 3 pieces of ribbons that have different difficulty levels. To change the tape, you don’t need to make an effort. It takes a few seconds. If you don’t know what exercises to do, you can watch training videos on a special YouTube channel for free.

  • During training, the muscles of the whole body are involved

  • 3 difficulty levels

  • Suitable for both beginner and advanced athletes

  • Easy to fold up to free up space

  • Not very strong construction

3# Total Gym APEX G1 Versatile Indoor Home Workout

Total Gym APEX G1 Versatile Indoor Home Workout

View on Amazon

This is a multifunctional simulator for working out all muscle groups of men and women. You can carry out your training using only this one piece of exercise equipment. Various exercises are available to you. If you have no ideas, then you can see the exercises at Total Gym. The simulator has 6 levels of resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for people with different physical fitness. The design can be folded to save space.

  • Availability of a large number of exercises

  • You will receive training and nutrition allowance

  • Supports up to 300 pounds

  • It takes up a lot of space

4# Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

View on Amazon

Each home gym should be equipped with at least one cardio trainer. You will train your stamina, cardiovascular system and will burn a lot of calories. If your goal is weight loss, then you definitely need to exercise on a cardiovascular machine. A great option is a Marcy exercise bike. You will feel comfortable during training thanks to a comfortable seat. Change your intensity with 8 levels of resistance. See distance, time, calories burned, speed on a bright LCD screen.

  • Load variability

  • Soft seat

  • Adjustable straps for comfortable foot support

  • People with short stature hardly reach the pedals

5# QCHY Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

QCHY Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

View on Amazon

Set this bar quickly using the instruction and start your training. This simulator allows you to perform exercises on different muscle groups such as muscles of the arms and back, abs, legs. You can also install a punching bag on this setup and box. You can change your grip during pull-ups thanks to different handles. The handles are resistant to abrasion and non-slip for the comfort of training. Universal design for training the whole body!

  • Quick install

  • Availability of instruction

  • Non-slip grip

  • Variety of workouts

  • Not suitable for installation on drywall and sandwich panel

6# Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home Workout

Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home

View on Amazon

If you want to get a trainer for exercising the whole body, then this is what you need. This setting is suitable for training for both men and women. Children and the elderly can exercise. The functionality of the simulator allows you to train the muscles of the arms, legs, back, buttocks, and others. 10 resistance levels are available for you to increase the load. The glider board is very soft so it provides you comfort while doing the exercises.

  • Steel frame

  • Height adjustment

  • Resistance selection

  • Availability of nutrition and exercise guidelines

  • Can be folded

  • Occupy a large area

7# Bowflex Home Gym Series

Bowflex Home Gym Series

View on Amazon

This simulator is reliable and durable due to its steel structure. Safety during exercise is guaranteed. You can perform various exercises that involve different muscles. Train your back, legs, arms, abs, chest, shoulders. Up to 210 pounds of resistance are available to you.

  • About 50 different exercises can be completed

  • Durable

  • Easy to use

  • No difficulty to assemble

  • Not all tools can come

8# Tech Tools Punching Bag

Tech Tools Punching Bag

View on Amazon

Having a punching bag in your home gym will be a great bonus for building a beautiful and healthy body. This is a great option for cardio loading and to improve your stamina. It doesn’t take much space and is suitable for women and men. The pear bounces after each hit. You can not worry about your safety. You can adjust the height of the rack depending on your height and goals. The punching bag can be installed on different surfaces. It is filled with sand or water.

  • Can be used with gloves

  • Durable material

  • Easy to fill

  • Holes in the metal may be poorly punched

9# Fusion Motion Portable Gym

Fusion Motion Portable Gym with 8 Accessories

View on Amazon

Burn calories without leaving your home. This simulator is compact but multi-functional. Its design and 8 additional accessories allow you to train the muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks, press. You can fold it and take it with you. So you can train not only in the home gym but also on vacation. The handle makes it easy to carry. The guide will show you effective exercises that you can perform with this simulator.

  • Takes up little space

  • Includes devices for working out different muscle groups

  • Comes with a bag and sports guide

  • The platform could be stronger

10# Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym

Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym

View on Amazon

Thanks to this sporty equipment, you can train your entire body and increase the load every time. You can add weight to the exercises. You just need to take the pin and insert it into the desired weight on the simulator. Train your legs, arms, abs back.

  • Biceps pillow adjustable

  • You can increase or decrease weight

  • Made of steel frame

  • There may be difficulties during assembly

11# UREVO Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

TADAMI Indoor Cycling Training

View on Amazon

Stylish exercise bike for cardio workouts! It doesn’t take up much space and provides excellent fat-burning training. Adjust the seat height for a comfortable seat. You can change the resistance to increase the load. The simulator can be rolled from one place to other thanks to the roller. Its design leaves no one indifferent, and the result exceeds all expectations.

  • Attractive colors

  • Resistance change

  • Compact

  • Small display

12# Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill

View on Amazon

The most popular cardiovascular equipment is a treadmill. I think it’s not worth talking a lot about the benefits of running. This is a fairly quick way to lose weight and tone your muscles. If you decide that you need such a simulator, then pay attention to the treadmill from Bowflex.

It provides comfort and reliability while walking or running on the surface of the track. The choice of tilt and speed. You can reach a speed of 12 miles per hour. The trainer is equipped with a fairly large screen with a backlight. Connect via Bluetooth to popular fitness programs and get more fun!

  • Provides comfort during training

  • 9 training programs

  • Speed and tilt selection

  • The price is quite high

13# Commercial Home Gym – Smith Machine

Commercial Home Gym - Smith Machine

View on Amazon

Training all muscle groups in one simulator. Smith’s machine is very popular and in demand. The genius of this equipment is its simplicity. A huge number of different exercises that can bring maximum results.

This is what an athlete gets using the Smith design. You can work out the muscles of the legs, back, shoulder girdle, and arm muscles. All exercises can be done independently without a trainer right at home. All cables are adjustable.

  • Multifunctionality

  • The load can be adjusted

  • It takes a lot of space to install

What Are the Benefits of Home Gym

types of home fitness equipment

  • During the training, you can include the music that you like.
  • No one is standing next to you, showing with all his appearance that it is time to free the trainer.
  • You can feel free to try new simulators or techniques.
  • No one will distract you with unnecessary conversations.
  • You can train at any time convenient for you.
  • You don’t need to pay for visits to your gym.

What Should Be a Home Gym

DIY simulator

The gym can be equipped on the loggia, in the attic, in a separate room, even in the basement, although the latter option is extremely undesirable. Why? Because for training you need good air exchange, thanks to which negative fumes and the smell of sweat will be effectively removed. The body at the home gym will be regularly supplied with oxygen. Condensate will not accumulate on the finishing materials and on the inventory, which, of course, will significantly increase the terms of their operation.

The air in the room, which serves as a gym, should always be fresh and clean. Check the ventilation in the basement, if possible to install ventilation systems, air conditioning, ionizer. By the way, most modern trainers are equipped with built-in fans (including multi-speed). Therefore, they are comfortable practicing even in a small apartment. The main thing is to ensure the ventilation of the room before and after training.

As for light, there is one rule: the more the better. It is advisable to be able to switch light modes from muted and diffused (for example, for yoga or a hitch) to bright and contrasts for the main workout.

Music that sets the rhythm of your workout will be a great bonus in your home gym. For a cottage, it is better to choose professional speaker systems. Ideally, invite a specialist who installs them and creates the right audio picture in the room. The pleasure of high-quality surround sound during training is simply impossible to overestimate.

You won’t be able to play in an apartment with such effects. But you can stock up on a player and headphones. Or purchase modern gym equipment with a built-in audio system. Just plug in your headphones, download music, and exercise with comfort. You can also install a television panel in your home gym. It will not only allow you to make training more interesting.

You can, for example, practice on a treadmill and watch your favorite series. Also, the TV panel diversifies your workouts (it is always interesting to repeat video programs from famous trainers). However, whether or not to equip a room with video and audio is a personal choice of owners, based only on individual preferences.

What Equipment to Choose For a Home Gym

quality training equipment

It is quite difficult for a person who is not familiar with the types of sports systems, their purpose, and design nuances, not to get lost in the assortment of home exercise equipment. Let’s figure it out together!

The first thing to consider when choosing equipment is the size of the room. Based on this condition, the necessary sports equipment is selected. There is another rule. The equipment for the gym is selected on the basis of three criteria, among which:

  • The goal of the training. This can be muscle building, weight loss, maintaining muscle tone, strengthening and increasing the endurance of the cardiovascular system;
  • Financial opportunities, the size of which depends on the class and technical equipment of the simulators;
  • Equipment design. You should be comfortable during training. Comfort depends a lot on the atmosphere in which you exercise.

Optimally, if your personal gym is equipped with systems for training a variety of muscle groups. But if the sizes don’t allow, you will have to choose between:

  • Power trainers designed to increase muscle mass, which includes athletic multi-station, special benches for pumping up muscles in different positions, barbells, Swedish walls, dumbbells, etc .;
  • Aerobic training machines or cardiovascular machines, which include horizontal and vertical type exercise bikes, steppers, rowing machines, treadmills, and others.

There is also multifunctional equipment. Designed to carry out a wide range of physical exercises, in fact, they are a comprehensive installation that combines several power simulators. Solving the multiple tasks of the machine is suitable for working out a variety of muscle groups by performing traction from above, chest press, extension, and more. You can train both sitting and lying down.

standard size simulator


Having a home gym saves you time, money and you will always be in shape and healthy. It is affordable and convenient. To equip the home gym with effective trainers, you need to spend a lot of time. But you are lucky to have found my article. I have told you about the 13 best home fitness equipment that will bring you excellent results.

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