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Types of Punching Dummy

You can practice punches right at home. You don’t have an opponent with whom you can practice strikes? You don’t need him. The punching dummy is specially designed for such cases. My article will help you learn about each model of punching dummies and make your choice. You will learn how such bags work and how to choose them. Let’s start!

Best Punching Dummy Reviews | Free-Standing & Heavy & Dummy!

Editor’s Picks for Boxing Training in Your Home Gym

Century BOB XL with Base Unit | Body Opponet Bag | Mannequin Bag, Martial Artists, Fitness Pros, Athletes Training | Extended Torso | Tactical & Self-Defense TrainingCenturyBuy on Amazon
Matarts Kid's MMA Dummy Grappling Wrestling Punching Bag Jiu Jitsu Judo Style (47" (4 feet)) - UNFILLEDMATARTSBuy on Amazon
Inflatable 5 Foot Tall Karate and Boxing Punching Bag | Two Sided Bop Bag for Boys, Girls and Kids of All AgesImpiriLuxBuy on Amazon
Pure Boxing 56-Inch Tough Guy Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids, Ages 4 to 10Pure BoxingBuy on Amazon
Kids Grappling Dummy for Kids BJJ Wrestling Dummy Punching Bag MMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Children Judo Youth Throwing Boxing Dummy Dummies UNFILLED (Black)Hawk SportsBuy on Amazon
Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy - Judo Punching Bag, Filled - Sitting Position Hands Front (Canvas Black, 40" - Upto 30 lb)Celebrita MMABuy on Amazon
Finer Form Free Standing MMA Punching Dummy Heavy Bag (Red)Finer FormBuy on Amazon
Ring to Cage MMA Man-Shaped Dummy Punching Bag - UnFilled, for MMA, Muay Thai and BoxingRing to CageBuy on Amazon
Grappling Dummy MMA Wrestling Punch Bag Judo Martial Arts 70''FNine SportsBuy on Amazon
Jayefo Sports Kids Grappling Dummy Punching Bag for Kids Children Wrestling Exercise BJJ Boxing MMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Throwing Judo Bag Buddy Youth Training Dummies (Blue)JayefoBuy on Amazon
Century® B.O.B. Body Opponent Bag Freestanding Training DummyCenturyBuy on Amazon
Century VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator Punching Bag, Black/RedCenturyBuy on Amazon

1# Century BOB XL with Base Unit

Century BOB Base Unit

View on Amazon

The punching bag is made in the form of a dummy. This makes it more realistic for you. There is a feeling that you are practicing your punches with a real person. The main point of why many buyers love this bag is the torso size. The original version has only the upper abdomen.

While this punching dummy also has a lower abdomen. Now you can practice kicks as well. It is possible to adjust the growth of the bag. It can be increased if your opponent is tall. The base can be filled with sand and water and it is made of polyethylene. If you are engaged in boxing or martial arts, then you need this punching dummy.

Punching Dummy Bags

  • Has upper and lower torso

  • The base gives good stability

  • Not hard to fill

  • It is convenient to work without gloves (but you can also use them)

  • It’s hard to move because it’s heavy enough

2# QMUK Kid’s MMA Dummy Grappling Punching Bag

QMUK Kid's MMA Dummy Grappling Punching Bag

View on Amazon

If your child wants to practice punches then this dummy is for him or her. It is suitable for those who practice karate, martial arts, MMA, BJJ and more. The dummy completely creates an imitation of a man. It has a head, torso, arms, and legs.

Therefore, it is possible to practice both punches and kicks. It can be filled with sand and water. On the head is a target that will help accurately aim at the target. The dummy is safe for children and will not be injured if they are used properly. Keep your kids safe. Remember that the product doesn’t come filled.

QMUK Kid's MMA Dummy Grappling Punching Bag

  • Size fits children

  • Recreates the image of a real person

  • Workout of the upper and lower kicks

  • Need to fill out by yourself

3# ImpiriLux Inflatable Two-Sided Karate and Boxing Punching Bag

ImpiriLux Inflatable Boxing Punching Bag

View on Amazon

A punching bag for your active kids. Its height is 5 pounds. Therefore, it is suitable even for adults. But only if you just want to add activity to your life, and not seriously develop your skills. But for children, it is an ideal product. They will be able to hone the movement of boxing and karate.

The bag allows you to practice punches and kicks. It has good resistance and doesn’t harm the health of your children. Bright and funny designs will inspire children to be active. The base can be filled with sand or water, and the top is filled with air. The punching bag can be used by children from 3 years and older.

  • Durable material

  • You can practice kicks from two sides

  • Fairly high bag

  • The kit doesn’t include a device for filling the bag with air

4# Pure Boxing Tough Guy Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

Pure Boxing Tough Guy Inflatable Punching Bag

View on Amazon

All the best is created for children. And this bag is no exception. It is suitable for children from 6 years to practice various kicks. Its height is just above 4 feet and therefore allows you to work out both the upper and lower blows. The construction of the model is durable and made of vinyl.

Therefore, it is well resistant to shock and safe. The base, as usual, is filled with water or sand. But you will also need to fill the top with air. If your child is over 10 years old, it is best to fill the base with sand to effectively practice the punches. The design is unusual and can be said awesome. This is specially designed so that your children have the motivation to fight.

  • Improves coordination and stamina

  • Amazon has a video on how to fill the base

  • Safe to use

  • Enticing design

  • It takes much time to fill

5# Hawk Sports Kids Grappling Dummy

Hawk Sports Kids Grappling Dummy

View on Amazon

Is your child interested in judo, boxing, MMA, or other martial arts? Then give him or her this dummy. Kids will be able to practice punches and kicks, as well as various throws. The child will have a complete sense that he is fighting a real opponent. A smiling face is printed on the head for a good mood. The legs and arms are mobile so there are more options during training.

  • Soft fabric for child safety

  • Attractive design

  • Available in different colors.

  • Moving limbs

  • Hard to fill with sand or water

6# Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

View on Amazon

It can be used by both adults and children. The dummy is designed to practice the skills of MMA, Judo, Ju-Jitsu. This punching bag has a distinctive feature such as a dummy shape. Its knees are bent 90 degrees. This allows you to improve your training. There is also a target on the dummy’s face that you can aim at and practice a strike. On the back, there is a zipper to fill. You can fill with either sand or water up to 100 pounds.

  • Ideal for practicing kicks and punches

  • Easy to fill

  • Suitable for practicing different fighting styles

  • The material is quite thin

7# Finer Form Free Standing MMA Punching Dummy Heavy Bag

Finer Form MMA Punching Dummy Heavy Bag

View on Amazon

Ideal for practicing skills for adults and teenagers. This dummy is suitable for improving kicks. The base is very strong and stable. The bag can withstand fast and powerful punches and is therefore safe for you. There is a height adjustment.

You can adjust to three different heights depending on your height and goals. You will have the feeling that the real opponent is in front of you. It can easily be moved as the base rolls. Such a purchase will improve your physical skills!

  • Height adjustable

  • Sustainable design

  • Suitable for work with gloves

  • After filling it becomes heavy enough

8# Ring to Cage MMA Man-Shaped Dummy Punching Bag

Ring to Cage MMA Dummy Punching Bag

View on Amazon

If you are looking for a bag that can be hung, then look at this one! Durable straps hold the punching dummy well. Also, this dummy can be used to practice impacts on the ground. Two in one. If you do kickboxing, MMA, boxing, then for you this is a great option for practicing kicks and arms. Thanks to the shape of a person, you will have the opportunity to fight as if with a real opponent.

  • Suitable for strikes in the air and on the ground

  • Robust construction

  • For both children and adults

  • The holes for filling the hands are small enough. It will take time to fill

9# Grappling Dummy MMA Wrestling Punch Bag

Grappling Dummy MMA Wrestling Punch Bag

View on Amazon

The dummy is made of durable faux leather. Use for practicing kicks, punches, throws. If you are practicing judo, MMA, and martial arts. You can fill it with old clothes. There is a zipper for easy filling. So the bag will be dense but at the same time light enough to practice skills. The model is 5 feet tall. Give yourself or your child the perfect punching dummy.

  • Improves strength skills and coordination

  • Realistic opponent

  • Affordable price

  • Filling problems may occur

10# Jayefo Tommie Kids MMA Grappling Dummy

Jayefo Tommie Kids MMA Grappling Dummy

View on Amazon

You and your children will love this dummy! Bright colors inspire physical activity! Practice all combat elements. Practice punches, kicks, knees, grabs, throws, and so on. You will have no difficulty filling it out. The quality of the bag is durable and safe for you and young children!

  • Simple and easy to fill

  • Designed for children and adults.

  • Durable and high-quality fabric

  • Small enough

How Do I Choose a Punching Bag?

Choosing is always difficult. And it’s important to have criteria that help. The following will help you make the right choice


To work out all your skills, choose a bag that completely mimics a person. So you can conduct training as if you were fighting with your opponent. It is good when there is a height adjustment. So you can adjust the bag to your height or make it higher or lower. Depends on your goals and your opponent

Design Punching Dummy


Choose durable and safe materials. Especially if you are looking for a product for your children. I prefer whole bags. They are more reliable and work better than those where there are different attachments. If you have chosen a thing where there is a place for hanging, then carefully consider this. The place where you will attach the chain should be reliable. Otherwise, there is a risk of breakage.

Filling Material

Either water or sand is used to fill the base. Let’s take a closer look at them. The sand is quite heavy and settles well. If you need to move the bag it will not be very hard for you. Sand is easy to find and cheap. But you need to carefully fill in order not to make a mess. Also, a popular filler is water. The material is more accessible than sand. And it copes well with its task. Both of these materials are available and will work. Try both of them and decide what is best for you!


The punching bag must withstand your every kick and punch. If it falls, then this is a bad thing. A good bag is stable and withstands strong and quick impacts. Otherwise, instability can result in serious injury.


Such punching dummies are realistic options for practicing kicks. Most of them are designed to practice strikes of both arms and legs, you can practice grabs and casts, and so on. You can purchase for yourself and your children. In my article, I have talked about 10 different models that are ideal for your practice. All options are of high quality and durable. Choose according to your goals and budget!

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Filling Material Punching Dummy

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