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Boxing Headgear

When we practice boxing, one of the indispensable tools to guarantee our protection is the best boxing headgear. This helps us protect our heads and better practice our next strokes. For these reasons, it is important to know how to choose this product. In my guide to buying the best boxing headgear, I have listed the main characteristics that we need to study in order to get boxing headgear with a good price-quality ratio.

Our Top List 10 Picks Best Boxing Headgear – Editor’s Choice

Boxing is a good sport, but it can be less fun if we get injured every time we do it. As in any sport, we need to train hard, but we must not expose ourselves to danger and injury. That’s why there are adapted protective equipment to train without risk of harming oneself. Boxing headgear is necessary in order to receive kicks of a partner without significant damage. Let’s take a look at 10 popular and high-quality models of boxing headgear.

Boxing Headgear, Synthetic Leather MMA Headgear, UFC Fighting Sparring Headgear by SANJOIN, BlackSANJOINBuy on Amazon
RDX Boxing Headgear MMA Muay Thai, Removable Face Grill, Head Gear for Sparring Grappling Martial Arts Kickboxing Taekwondo Karate BJJ TrainingRDXBuy on Amazon
Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear, Black/WhiteVenumBuy on Amazon
Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear with Cheeks, Black, MediumRingsideBuy on Amazon
Everlast® Durahide Headgear (EA)EverlastBuy on Amazon
Title Boxing Classic Traditional Training Headgear 2.0, Black, RegularTitle BoxingBuy on Amazon
Hayabusa T3 Adjustable MMA Headgear - White/Black, MediumHayabusaBuy on Amazon
CLETO REYES Traditional Headgear with Nylon Face Bar - BlackCLETO REYESBuy on Amazon
HUNTER Headguard for Professional Boxing, MMA Training Headgear, Kickboxing Head Gear, Headgear for Muay Thai, Grappling, Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts (L/XL, Blue)HUNTERBuy on Amazon
Fairtex Headgear Head Guard Super Sparring HG3, HG10, HG13 Diagonal Vision for Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing (HG10 White,M)FairtexBuy on Amazon

1# SANJOIN Boxing Headgear – Amazon’s Choice

SANJOIN Boxing Headgear

View on Amazon

For its price, this headgear is recommended for beginners and intermediate practitioners. Although it doesn’t promise decades of use, it has a lot to offer in terms of protection, comfort, and fit. It is also quite powerful in terms of visibility and therefore can be used for boxing, MMA, and Thai boxing. You will feel safe and confident during training due to the fact that the headgear is adjustable. Thus, you can make it fit tightly on your head. Synthetic leather is a lightweight material that doesn’t require complex care. Protect your forehead, chin, cheeks, ears, temple, and neck.

  • Suitable for various types of wrestling

  • Maximum protection

  • Not for serious fights

2# RDX Headguard for Boxing MMA Training

RDX Headguard for Boxing, MMA Training

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Products such as the headgear of an RDX manufacturer will be great if you are one of those dedicated MMA. Due to its design and characteristics, it is suitable for most types of combat. This headgear absorbs shock very effectively thanks to its triple gel padding, as well as an optional front pillar with zero impact. It is adjustable thanks to the hook-and-loop strap, which ensures that this headgear is always in place during training.

  • Softening gel

  • Good ventilation

  • Very affordable price

  • The brand is known for producing cheap equipment

3# Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear – Amazon’s Choice

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

View on Amazon

Venum Challenger 2.0 offers an enlarged pad that better matches the criteria for a beginner’s boxing headgear. This is a full-face one with fairly wide linings in the most sensitive areas: cheeks, chin, and temples. This gasket is quite thick and can reach 3.8 cm around the cheeks and temples. It has one size that is suitable for everyone and has great flexibility to provide a good individual fit depending on the size of the head. Most users report that it fits their size well. The Venum 2.0 Challenger was lined with skin tex leather on the outside. Overall, this synthetic leather is comfortable and soft to the touch, as is the lining of the fabric inside. Another thing that I like is that it is well ventilated and you don’t sweat too much compared to other similar models.

  • Flexible double-sided Velcro

  • One size fits all

  • No color choice

4# Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear with Cheeks

Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear with Cheeks

View on Amazon

Show the rod that you have inside and get a headgear for the best boxer, which will provide you with an intact face without bruises. By wearing this thing, you will find safety and protection that no other product can provide. It will take care of your cheekbones, plus you can feel how the tread contour is adjusted according to your face to give it a more even look for a much more efficient and advantageous movement.

  • Size selection

  • Durable leather

  • Slightly different from photo

5# Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

View on Amazon

Everlast Everfresh can be interesting if you are looking for the most affordable headgear on the market. This is an inexpensive option with a basic assembly design for beginners or those who aren’t too frequent and easy training. To fight hard and if you are a professional boxer, consider another model from this review. This headgear is open head protection made of synthetic leather. This material, imitating genuine leather, isn’t the most durable on the market, but it can withstand well if you don’t exercise every day. Designed for easy combat, this headgear has one padding that is designed to protect your skin from bruises and cuts. However, even with its lightweight padding, it still provides good nose protection.

  • Durable

  • Fully adjustable chin strap

  • Not for professional fights

6# Title Boxing Classic Traditional Training Headgear

Title Boxing Classic Traditional Training Headgear

View on Amazon

Title boxing headgear is a high-quality one. It offers an elegant fighting style thanks to a new generation of the lining. I can just say that it offers maximum protection! In addition to its composition of quality materials, it has the advantage of offering excellent visibility and not interfering. Users also find that it is very comfortable and absorbs sweat during training. Please note that it has adjustable straps with hooks and loops at the top and back to provide perfect support.

  • Belts are adjustable

  • Tightly sits on his head

  • It presses lightly on the head

7# Hayabusa T3 MMA Headgear

Hayabusa T3 MMA Headgear

View on Amazon

The Hayabusa T3 is a high-quality MMA outfit that is perfect for boxing, Muay Thai or kickboxing. It is lightweight but offers good protection for combat. Upholstery covers the top of the head and ears. Its full protection with integrated chin protection effectively protects the entire face, and its contoured surface makes it easy to deflect bumps. And even in spite of all this, you will perfectly see your opponent. The outside of this protective equipment is made of faux leather called Vylar-2. This material is really durable and is designed to prevent cracking and peeling that can occur when the skin dries. In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain. Inside the head, the protector is a fabric lining that wicks sweat from the face and helps dry quickly.

  • Provides wide visibility

  • T-shaped clasp for an individual fit

  • No variety of colors

8# CLETO REYES Traditional Headgear with Pointed Nylon Face Bar

CLETO REYES Traditional Headgear with Pointed Nylon Face Bar

View on Amazon

The Cleto Reyes boxing headgear offers us all the quality and craftsmanship that can be expected from this brand. Without a doubt, this is one of the best boxing headgears you can buy. This thing provides excellent nose protection. You can take several hits in a battle that will not hurt. What characterizes this headgear is how compact it can be. It doesn’t move when it is on your head. You can make a lot of punches, and the headgear is unlikely to fall. In the end, I can say that I find a lot of protection for the ears, and nothing prevents your visibility. All this makes this boxing thing the best choice for a fight. But if you are limited in budget, it is better to look at other models.

  • Full face protection

  • High-quality materials

  • Expensive price

9# HUNTER Headguard for Professional Boxing, MMA Training Headgear, Kickboxing

HUNTER Headguard for Professional Boxing

View on Amazon

When we practice combat discipline, we need maximum protection, for this, the manufacturer has developed this headgear for you. The answer for a budget person who wants a good quality thing at an affordable price is the HUNTER headgear. It is made of synthetic leather, which is known for its lightness and durability. You can find it in various sizes. Use it not only for boxing but also for MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and not only.

  • The material does not tear

  • You can fasten it fast

  • Difficult to choose size

10# Fairtex Headgear Head Guard Super Sparring

Fairtex Headgear Head Guard Super Sparring

View on Amazon

The Fairtex Boxing headgear offers you full face coverage while protecting your cheeks, chin, neck, and ears. And retains your good visibility from a position. The headgear has anatomically correct chin protection, adding extra comfort to the throat to avoid getting bumps during training. It consists of a special high-density multi-layer foam providing maximum protection and cushioning. Adjustable drawstring at the top and adjustable velcro closure at the back for better coverage and a secure fit. It is made from 100% cow leather for maximum durability.

  • Good defense

  • Very breathable

  • Made of cow leather

  • Tight and secure fit

  • Few color options

What is Boxing Headgear For?

Boxing headgear is mandatory protective equipment, specially designed to protect our brain from the blows caused by this sport. It is well known that in boxing, the highest percentage of strokes is directed to the area of ​​the skull, which can lead to injuries such as internal bleeding, fractures, and other types of injuries that can affect the athlete’s motor skills.

In addition, the area around the eyes is very vulnerable, and a strong blow can impair vision. Boxing headgear has a strong but completely lightweight construction. In this sense, they don’t reduce the boxer’s performance by introducing extra weight. On the contrary, thanks to its enveloping design, it is possible to absorb a large percentage of the energy of blows created by the enemy. Thus, the athlete will be less likely to receive internal or external injuries.

Buying Guide To Choose The Best Boxing Headgear

How to choose a size. When choosing it, you must choose the perfect size so that it isn’t inconvenient to wear it.

The dimensions of the boxing headgear should be adapted to the head. If it is too small, we will notice a squeezed face, and during training, it will be completely uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the headgear is too large, we will lose protection and may even be thrown by a sudden movement.

Typically, the size of this boxing equipment will be S, M, L, and XL. Small and medium ones are suitable for children and women with a head circumference of 55 to 58 cm. It is normal for men to choose the widest.

Protection and gasket. To choose the best headgear in terms of price and quality, you should take the time to observe the safety offered by the product. This point is important to get an idea of ​​the protection that it can provide you.

It is advisable to choose a product that is filled with thick foam so that the face is well protected. The result will be that you can take the blows without causing too much pain.

The backside should be wide enough to allow a good fit. In addition, it must provide us with sufficient security so that it doesn’t unfasten in the middle of the fight.

If you practice any discipline when striking with your feet and hands, it is recommended that you purchase a model with a partition that protects your nose and eyes.

Material. A good boxing headgear can last you decades if you properly support it and are sure that its design is really high quality. To do this, you need to look at all the internal and external materials, as well as the quality of the seams.

Just as bad boxing gloves can easily be torn and worn, headgear can have the same problems. However, the best gloves are made of leather because it is a material with excellent characteristics such as high strength, versatility, breathability, and much more.

The only bad thing about leather is its starting price, so you can also choose a headgear made from synthetic materials. They will be cheaper, but slightly less durable.

Let’s see a little more about other available materials. One of them is closed-cell foam, which is also known as EVA foam, and its main feature is that air is always trapped inside its cells. It is often used in many things because of its density, cushioning, water-resistance, and lightness.

Boxing headgear design. The design may not be very important, but still worth considering this item. The aesthetic appearance and materials used for the headgear play one of the main roles when choosing a particular model.

It is best to choose a model in which the lining will be made of breathable material. Thus, you will feel more comfortable even for a long time. Outside, the best choice is leather, they will be resistant to abrasion and will last much longer. It is also interesting that the item is easy to clean.

In addition to the protection offered by good boxing headgear, visibility must be taken into account. If we don’t see strikes against us, we may lose the battle. To avoid this problem, the headgear should be wide enough in the eye area to have a panoramic view of the area in front of us.

After you have taken into account the most important points in the design, you should choose the color that you like.

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When is a Boxing Headgear Useful?

If your training is to hit a punching bag, it will never strike you back, in this type of training you will not need boxing headgear. But when you begin to train and compare yourself with other opponents in the ring or when you compete, boxing headgear becomes mandatory. This will allow you to confront the enemy without fear of blows.

All sensitive areas of the face are protected, and if you also have a protective partition, your nose will also be out of danger. Of course, we all have work, and you don’t like to come in the morning with a face full of bruises, with good protection you will significantly reduce the intensity of the strikes.

How to Extend the use of Boxing Headgear?

The biggest enemy of a boxing headgear is humidity. To avoid this, it is best not to leave it in the gym bag after training. You can clean it with water and mild soap after each use to eliminate acid sweat and prevent the growth of bacteria. Then dry it with a clean cloth and keep it in a dry, well-ventilated area. Depending on the materials, it is better to avoid high temperatures and especially heat sources, this can dry your headgear and it will be inconvenient because of its hardness.

Different Types of Boxing Headgear

The first thing to consider is the style that you practice since not all headgear work the same for all disciplines.

  • Boxing Headgear. In boxing, the head is the main goal of all strikes. Therefore, in addition to protecting the head from blows, the boxing headgear should have a smoother and thinner design in order to provide good visibility, with which you can better monitor possible attacks of the enemy and, thus, quickly avoid them. At the same time, a boxing headgear can also vary depending on whether it is used for competitions or only for training, so you will have to see why you will wear it and choose the most suitable one for it.
  • Boxing headgear for competitions. They represent rather smooth design and don’t have many obstacles to vision. However, they also have less lining and soft protection to reduce the weight of your hardhat and allow you to move with agility and complete freedom of movement.
  • For sparring or training. These headgears have a large lining for protection against strong blows. In addition to this, they usually come with nose protection or even with a mesh. That is, with full protection against cuts and bruises on the face. The big problem with this type of boxing headgear is that it interferes with visibility. Here you can find other options for boxing headgears that have more holes in the front without removing the protection of the cheekbones, cheeks, and chin.
  • For Muay Thai. Honestly, this type of headgear is usually very similar to boxing. In fact, you will not see too many differences between them. The only thing that really matters is that the Muay Thai models have a slightly more durable and thicker coating than boxing, due to additional combat techniques that require a bit more protection.
  • For Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The lining headgears designed for MMA is much thicker and stronger than any boxing ones. This applies to all additional techniques used in mixed martial arts, such as boxing itself, fighting on the ground, holding, attacking the ground, etc. If MMA headgears had the same level of protection as boxing or Muay Thai ones, you had would have a lot of injuries.


Boxing is a contact sports discipline in which bumps and falls are repeated, so if you are involved in this sport, you need to take care of your safety in the ring and have the necessary equipment. So put on your boxing shorts and put on the best boxing headgear you have for training, as they offer you better protection and more efficient padding. Believe me, you don’t want to get seriously injured to wear the wrong headgear. And my list of the top 10 boxing headgears is what you need to make the right choice!

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