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Perhaps this thought will never occur to you, but you just need a good balance to do almost everything you do every day. For example, ordinary walking, running, or just getting out of a chair, even bending down to tie shoelaces, for all this you need the ability to balance.

Also, if you want to conduct effective home workouts, then the balance board is an excellent option. As the name implies, its main function is to develop coordination. In this case, most of the muscles are trained, including the legs.

Our Top 10 Best Physical Therapy Balance Boards

Simple balance simulator

Here are the best 10 balance boards for your home workouts. I have tested them all and now I want to share with you my opinion about them and talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

EVERYMILE Wobble Balance Board, Exercise Balance Stability Trainer Portable Balance Board with Handle for Workout Core Trainer Physical Therapy & Gym 15.7" Diameter No-Skid SurfaceEVERYMILEBuy on Amazon
Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board - Wobble Board for Physical Therapy, Balance Board for Standing Desk, Core Training, Exercise Balance Stability Trainer (Black)Yes4AllBuy on Amazon
Simply Fit Board - The Workout Balance Board with a Twist, As Seen on TV, BlueSimply FitBuy on Amazon
URBNFit Balance Board Trainer - Wooden Wobble Balancing Board for Core Stability, Strength Training & Flexibility - Wobble Board w/ Workout Guide to Exercise at Desk or Home GymURBNFitBuy on Amazon
Solofit Balance Board with Resistance Bands - Fitness Board for Adults – The Abs Legs Core Workout Balancing Board - Ideal for Core Workout, Dancers, Ankle Workouts, Balancing Exercises,SolofitBuy on Amazon
StrongTek Professional Wooden Slant Board, Adjustable Incline Board, and Calf Stretcher, Stretch Board - Extra Side-Handle Design for Portability, Partial-CoverageStrongTekBuy on Amazon
StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board, Rocker Board, Wood Standing Desk Accessory, Balancing Board for Under Desk, Anti Slip Roller, Core Strength, Stability, Office Wobble BoardsStrongTekBuy on Amazon
Yes4All Premium Bongo Board/Balance Board Trainer with Adjustable Stoppers | Balance Board for Surfers, Hockey, Snowboard Yellow/Black.Yes4AllBuy on Amazon
NALANDA Wobble Balance Board, Core Trainer for Balance Training and Exercising, Healthy Material Non-Skid TPE Bump Surface,Stability Board for Kids and Adults (Blue&Grey S)NALANDABuy on Amazon
Yes4All Professional Rocker Balance Board for Physical Therapy | 17.5” Rocker Board, Rocker Wooden Balance Board for Balance & Rehabilitation Exercises (Black)Yes4AllBuy on Amazon
4TH-BEE Core Balance Board for Exercise Training-Board Exercise for Fitness with Roller- Board Balancing for Surf,Ski, Snowboard and Skateboarding4TH-BEEBuy on Amazon
EasyGoProduct Perfect Balance Board RollerEasyGoProductsBuy on Amazon
CanDo 10-1745 Economy Balance BoardCandoBuy on Amazon
Plankpad PRO - Plank & Balance Board, Get fit while Playing Games & Workouts on iOS/Android App, Core Trainer, Full Body Fitness Exercise EquipmentplankpadBuy on Amazon
Carrom 510.61 Balance Board, BlueCarromBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
ProsourceFit Diameter Core Balance Cushion Exercise Disc Trainer Board with Pump, Black, 14-InchProsourceFitBuy on Amazon
Figure Trimmer Ab Twister Board for Exercise Waist Twisting Disc Acupressure Nodes (Gray)Figure TrimmerBuy on Amazon
Driftsun Wooden Balance Board Trainer - Roller Included, For Surfing, Snowboard, Skateboarding, Wakesurf, Wakeskate, Ski, SUP and other Sports Practice, Premium Fitness Stability EquipmentDriftsunBuy on Amazon

1# EveryMile Wobble Balance Board – Amazon’s Choice

EveryMile Wobble Balance Board

View on Amazon

This is a universal simulator for home workouts in the form of a balance board. It is intended not only to improve balance and coordination but also to perform various exercises. It provides a large load and your workouts are effective, you burn a lot of calories.

You can find on the Internet a lot of videos showing various exercises for the whole body, as well as stretching exercises using this type of board balance. You will feel confident on a non-sliding platform. Moreover, the material is very durable and resistant to abrasion. The balance board is equipped with two wide handles that make the exercise machine portable. Take it with you and do sports wherever you are!

  • Suitable for adults and children

  • Variety of exercises

  • You will not slip

  • Compact

  • Portable

  • Affordable price

  • The standing area may seem too small

2# Yes4All Wobble Balance Board – Amazon’s Choice

Yes4All Wobble Balance Board

View on Amazon

Spend effective and interesting workouts without leaving your home! All this is available with Yes4All Balance Board. You will not only improve your coordination but also your posture and overall physical fitness. It is intended for use by both beginners and professional athletes.

The standing surface is made of wood. This material is completely safe for you. You can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The balance of the board has a tilt angle of 15 degrees. This is especially good for stretching exercises. It doesn’t take up much space and weighs absolutely nothing. You can play sports anywhere.

  • People with different physical training can train

  • Made of wood

  • Withstanding up to 300 pounds

  • No grip for easy handling

3# Simply Fit Balance Board

Simply Fit Balance Board

View on Amazon

Forget boring workouts at the gym! The bright color balance of the board will motivate you to play sports and raise your mood. It resembles the shape of a skateboard. You can train your stamina, coordination, and balance on it. In addition, such a board will make you sweat very well when doing the usual routine exercises on the whole body. If you want to burn a lot of calories, lose weight, then this is what you need. Your workout will go safely. The surface is not slippery and you will feel stable. It’s easy to take with you because it weighs only is 3.2 pounds.

  • Suitable for any age

  • Portable

  • Suitable for performing various exercises

  • If you don’t follow the correct technique, it may damage your knees

4# URBNFit Balance Board

URBNFit Balance Board

View on Amazon

Balance boards have become popular lately. Experienced trainers note that this is all due to the good load that the Boards have. You will strengthen your body, improve your posture, and become stronger. And a huge advantage is that training is fun and diverse. You can deal with the whole family as the balance board is suitable for any gender and age. You will not damage yourself due to its non-slip surface. The simulator withstands up to 550 Ibs and is made of wood and ABS plastic.

  • Withstand heavy loads

  • Durable material

  • Multifunctionality

  • Safety

  • Slightly different from the photo

5# Solofit Balance Board

Solofit Balance Board

View on Amazon

Do you want to maximize the use of your muscles during training? Then take a closer look at this balance board that comes with 2 resistance bands. You strain your whole body during training, including your arms, back. The surface allows you to stay steady throughout your workout. This is a portable trainer that you can take with you because of its lightweight and the presence of 2 handles. Exercise at home with pleasure and become sturdier and healthier.

  • Suitable even for beginners

  • The presence of 2 resistance bands

  • Lightweight

  • Resistance bands don’t hold well

6# StrongTek Professional Wooden Slant Board

StrongTek Professional Wooden Slant Board

View on Amazon

This balance board attracts with its unusual design. The main advantage of this board over others is the angle adjustment. You can change them by 15 °, 20 °, 25 °, 30 °, and 35 °. This allows you to change your workload and perform exercises better. It is made of durable Lauan plywood material. This indicates the longevity of the thing. Your knees will not suffer while doing exercises on this balance board.

  • You can change the height

  • Durability

  • There is a carry handle

  • The treads may fall off over time

7# StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board

StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board

View on Amazon

This balance board improves core strength, posture, improves coordination, sense of balance, and visual feel. Great for strengthening muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. This trainer will be ideal for beginners but for those who want something more advanced and already have experience balancing, it will probably be boring. This board is equipped with a unique design with a square platform that provides excellent support.

  • It provides stability

  • It has a double fulcrum

  • Large platform design

  • Not too complicated balancing level

8# Yes4All Balance Board

Yes4All Balance Board

View on Amazon

You will feel like a real surfer. Improve your balance, coordination, posture right at home. It has a good design and comes at a great price. On top of the platform, there is a special anti-slip coating. The coating is soft so it can be used without shoes. The roller is made of wood and is great for use on any floor coverings.

  • Holds up to 300 pounds

  • Soft coating

  • Non-slip roller

  • Not the best choice for beginners

9# NALANDA Wobble Balance Board

NALANDA Wobble Balance Board

View on Amazon

It is a square board made of environmentally friendly material and therefore safe for your health. The board has a specially designed tactile surface. This is great for barefoot exercises. The trainer is durable and light. This model makes it possible to perform exercises through one plane, which makes it ideal for beginners and those who recover from an injury.

  • Also suitable for back and foot massage

  • Doesn’t take up much space

  • Can use up to 660 lbs

  • Not good for push-ups

10# Yes4All Professional Rocker Wooden Balance Boar

Yes4All Professional Rocker Wooden Balance Boar

View on Amazon

You can practice even while watching a movie. The design allows you to exercise effectively by burning many calories. The board is made of wood, the coating doesn’t allow you to slip. Your training will pass safely without injuries. It is designed in such a way that you can take it with you.

  • It can be used on any floor covering

  • Large legroom

  • Suitable for different types of training

  • It may seem easy enough to keep balance

What is a Balance Board

outdoor training

The Balance board is the simplest trainer designed to develop coordination of movements and the ability to maintain body balance on an unstable surface. The balance board is a simple set of two objects: a board and a durable cylinder. However, the board doesn’t necessarily have a special or regular shape. For training, any even flat fragment from practically any material is quite suitable.

What Gives the Use of Balance Board

This is an ideal tool for mastering the skills of various extreme sports. Coordination of movements and lightning-fast reaction, the ability to maintain balance in any situation will be useful not only for surfers, skateboarders, but also for professionals in classical sports, skiers and skaters, and many others.

For an ordinary person, exercising on a balance board is an opportunity to acquire the correct posture and a beautiful figure, harmoniously developed muscles, and confidence in movements. Your workouts will be diverse, fun, and interesting.

Is It Difficult to Master the Balance Board

Even children can master the Balance Board. Training with it is available absolutely everywhere. Of course, beginners should take care of their safety. In the first training, it is better to wear knee pads and elbow pieces, so you can protect these places in the event of an accidental fall. It is best if you conduct your first training session with a trainer or just with one of the family members.

Someone can insure you and you will be more confident in yourself. With each training session, it will be easier for you, and you will feel more stable and confident in training. The Balance Board is interesting not only for people who like to have fun and actively spend time but also for professional athletes. They train on it in the offseason.

Neuropathologists were also able to discern in it a great healing potential. It improves blood circulation, helps to accelerate the regeneration of nerve fibers, improves brain function.

Even yoga is performed with this trainer. After all, the fact is known that the ability to stay on an unstable surface develops not only physical indicators but also has a beneficial effect on the spiritual component of a person.

How to Train with Balance Board

The essence of training on the balance board is simple:

  • The roller is laid on a horizontal surface. The board is mounted on top of it. A person stands on the board and tries to maintain balance on this design. There are boards that are already initially assembled and you don’t need to put anything. They have a round shape.
  • Workouts on a balance board can be extremely diverse. The position on the board can be taken along its axis and across, create imbalance situations from which you want to return to an equilibrium position (their set is limited only by a flight of fancy). In such training (with the accumulation of experience), there is certainly a place for simple, and then complex tricks.
  • The board can be of various forms. They can simulate shells of sports (skate, for example) or use another option that is optimal for any kind of activity (for example, yoga). Limiters on it determine the available range of motion (some manufacturers don’t install them). The height of the roller also affects complexity. In a word, choosing a board to your liking is not a problem. There are different models in my review, so everyone will find something different.


Balance Board is equipment that diversifies your workouts and helps you burn many calories. You will improve all your physical performance and become healthier. I have shown you 10 different balance boards that are suitable for children and adults. Choose one and play sports fun and efficiently!

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