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Having the best pair of kickboxing shoes in your locker or bag is just as important as having a good pair of kickboxing gloves. No beginner kickboxer should underestimate the importance of this often-overlooked equipment. No fighter can perform flawlessly without the right shoes. Kickboxing requires heavy footwork. Poorly fitting shoes can reduce flexibility on the mat, slow you down, and affect your result. You can only get the best kickboxing results with the right martial arts shoes.

Kickboxing Shoes

Speed ​​and balance are two benefits of using the best shoes for kickboxing. Undoubtedly, every athlete involved in this sport needs proper footwear to have the correct posture and good muscle support. It will help you prevent future injuries to your feet, ankles, and so on.

10 Shoes for Kickboxing and Zumba Shoes for Kickboxing Class

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes, 3, BlackRingsideBuy on Amazon
ASICS Men's Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes, 12.5, Peacoat/PeacoatASICSBuy on Amazon
adidas Mat Wizard 4 White/Royal/Red Wrestling Shoes 8adidasBuy on Amazon
Otomix Men's Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes Black 7.5OtomixBuy on Amazon
Rival Boxing Boots-Low Tops with MESH (Yellow & Black, 8)Rival BoxingBuy on Amazon
adidas Taekwondo Adiluxe Shoes (White W/Gray Stripe, Numeric_8)adidasBuy on Amazon
adidas Men's Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling Shoe, Black, 8.5adidasBuy on Amazon
KO Sports Gear – Wrestling Shoe – KO1 (2)KO Sports GearBuy on Amazon
Reebok Women's Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe, Neon Cherry/Black/chalk, 5.5 M USReebokBuy on Amazon
Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes, Black, Size 10.5CenturyBuy on Amazon

When looking to buy the best shoes for kickboxing and Zumba, you need to know some of the basic characteristics that a shoe for this sport should have. While there are many models on the market, not all of them are recommended as they do not match the performance-enhancing properties of the athlete. For this reason, I have developed a guide to buying the best kickboxing shoes on the market. Let’s take a look at the 10 best shoes for kickboxing.

1# Ringside Diablo Kickboxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Kickboxing Shoes

View on Amazon

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of kickboxing shoes then this is the one you are looking for. This lightweight kickboxing shoe was created with the understanding that footwork is a vital part of kickboxing. They are convenient and available at a great price. They are made of vinyl leather and have an open mesh for excellent air circulation. The mesh upper of this shoe, together with the rubber outsole, allows you to stand firmly on your feet without affecting your overall mobility. This shows, among other things, that this product is determined to do everything in its power to help you gain an edge in and out of the ring. It will improve your speed, mobility, and stability, and is ultimately what every kickboxer expects from his shoe.

  • Low ankle shoes for freedom of movement

  • Anti-slip rubber outsole

  • It’s difficult to take off due to lacing

2# ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes – #1 Best Seller

ASICS Matflex 6 Kickboxing Shoes

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This shoe is an essential accessory for professional kickboxers of any age and gender. California last offers unmatched durability, an inner liner wicks moisture away, and an EVA foot-bed provides support. They are designed to support every movement. They are made from breathable materials for a more comfortable fit. The special outsole provides added flexibility. The wrestling shoes are anti-slip and have mesh inserts for ventilation. Natural rubber outsole extending shoe life. Special tread pattern for optimal traction.

  • Mesh upper for added breathability

  • On the tongue of the shoes, there is a special pocket for laces

  • You need to carefully learn the dimensional grid so as not to be mistaken in choosing the right size

3# Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard 4 Wrestling Shoe

Adidas Mat Wizard Kickboxing Shoe

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The best shoes for cardio kickboxing from sports brand Adidas are made from artificial leather and high-tech textiles. Thanks to its silhouette and a memorable innovative sole, the shoe provides full support to the outside and inside of the foot. The non-slip sole was created with the assistance of many wrestlers and has proved to be its best. Rubber outsole provides secure traction. Thanks to the sole, the foot is in the correct position, which creates a comfortable fit. The sole is stitched along the side. The outer material is made of polyester threads, created by weaving them in many directions. The micro-mesh conducts air and helps the shoes dry quickly.

  • Comfortable fit

  • Great price

  • I would not recommend buying a white model. They will lose their look very quickly

4# Otomix Men’s Warrior Best Shoes for Kickboxing

Otomix Kickboxing Shoes

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Since 1988, Otomix has been offering exceptional products in the form of high-performance athletic shoes designed exclusively for specialized extreme sports. When it comes to Otomix Men’s Warrior Bodybuilding Weightlifting Shoes, they are the latest addition to the Otomix family and offer some exciting new features. One of the most distinctive features of this new design is its slightly wider toe box for those who need a little more room to move their fingers. The rubber outsole provides stability and great traction. Thanks to their medium length, they provide excellent protection and support for the ankles.

  • It is both durable and lightweight

  • Extra space for toes

  • It may be narrow for too wide a foot

5# Rival Boxing Boots-Low Tops with MESH

Rival Boxing Kickboxing Shoes

View on Amazon

This is another of the most user-recommended models thanks to the characteristics that make them the right kickboxing shoe for maximum performance in the ring. This model has an interesting design with black and yellow details. These shoes have low tops so they keep the foot safe and provide high mobility. These sneakers are of high quality and durability. They also have a mesh that keeps your feet from sweating. However, they are lightweight and guarantee efficient movement around the ring.

  • Reliable lace closure system

  • High grip thanks to rubber outsole

  • These shoes wear out faster than previous ones

6# Adidas Taekwondo ADILUX Shoes

Adidas ADILUX Kickboxing Shoes

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These are sports shoes made of soft white genuine leather with gray stripes. The laces are hidden in a special pocket to prevent injury to the opponent by protruding elements. The Adi-Evolution outsole with TORSION system technology provides protection and support for the foot, while not restricting its natural movement and eliminating the possibility of injury to the ankle from twisting. And the unique location of 2 “pivot points” on the forefoot and heel provides superior athletic performance. The foot remains stable in any position, while it adapts to the surface, thanks to the TORSION® system technology. The outsole is made of EVA foam with a rubber-like structure that creates the conditions for an excellent balance of strength, traction, and speed, imparting real durability and resilience.

  • 100% genuine leather

  • Durable and resilient outsole

  • They have too loose width

7# adidas Men’s Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling Shoe

Adidas Mat Hog Kickboxing Shoes

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The Mat Hog 2.0 contains all the important features a kickboxer expects from his shoe. Lightweight, breathable, flexible, and durable modern, simple footwear. Open mesh upper made of breathable material for comfort and stability. Synthetic suede in the forefoot and midfoot resists abrasion for excellent contact without compromising durability. The full-length adiWEAR outsole in the Mat Hog 2.0 ensures consistent ground contact and durability. The forefoot movement zone provides excellent grip. The wrestling shoes are durable, fit well, and do not restrict movement.

  • Increased ankle support

  • Non-slip outsole

  • The velcro strap is too tight

8# KO Sports Gear – Wrestling Shoe

KO Sports Gear Kickboxing Shoes

View on Amazon

For those looking for kickboxing shoes with the best value for money, this model might be a great option for you. They have a modern and striking unisex design with original patterns. Due to their construction and strength, they are recommended for both training and outdoor activities, as they are stable and of high quality. The lace-up system provides better protection and support for the foot and ankle. They are made of high-strength synthetic material, resistant to water, sun, and dust.

  • Soft tongue

  • Excellent grip on any surface

  • The finish is not quite optimal, so the quality of the shoes is not enough for the most demanding buyers. However, its cost is proportional to the benefits of the product

9# Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe

Reebok Nano Kickboxing Shoes

View on Amazon

The Reebok Crossfit Nano 5 is the strongest, most comfortable kickboxing shoe to date. DuPont Kevlar mesh material, which is 5 times stronger than steel in its characteristics, provides maximum protection and strength, and also allows your skin to breathe. A stable and neat outsole provides added protection for the foot and minimizes the risk of injury. They have a special RopePro rubber coating that allows the most grip. The state-of-the-art NanoShell coating, a thin layer of TPU that protects the bottom of the shoe from wear and tear, maximizes the durability of the midsole in the arch of the foot, provides stability, flexibility, and support during any movement.

  • Excellent ventilation

  • High strength

  • They seem to be very stiff

10# Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes

Century Kickboxing Shoes

View on Amazon

It is an excellent shoe for kickboxing. They make it easier for your legs to work during intense workouts. They are flexible and lightweight. This provides high comfort and keeps your feet cool. They are made from synthetic leather for durability and have a rubber-resistant outsole.

  • They provide stability

  • Wear-resistant

  • Unattractive design

Criteria for Selecting the Best Kickboxing Shoes

Kickboxing is a traumatic and special sport. You cannot buy regular sneakers. There is a high probability that you will leave the gym with a broken ankle. Therefore, the choice of kickboxing shoes must be approached consciously. Let’s take a look at the important criteria that your shoes must meet.

Shoe Height

Kickboxing shoes come in three different sizes: low top, mid-top, and a high top. At first glance, any of these options might suit all your needs. Sorry, but this is not the case. The low top of the shoe does not interfere with the movement of the ankles. They are designed to provide maximum ankle flexibility. This makes them ideal for activities that require optimal ankle movements, such as sparring, punching bag work, and general fitness. The mid-top kickboxing shoes are slightly taller than low kickboxing shoes. They are usually 2-3 inches above the ankle. They provide good support and protection for the ankle during intense movements. High tops are real boot-style shoes, 4 to 6 inches above the ankle (almost to mid-calf). These models are the best kickboxing shoes for ankle support and stability.


Keeping in mind the correct shoe height, you will need to determine the type of material you want for your shoe. As with other sports clothes, manufacturers use different types of materials. Including natural leather, suede, ventilated mesh, multilayer fabrics, and others. The type of materials used speaks for itself about the level of comfort the shoe offers, its performance, and durability. Of course, genuine leather is the most durable. Unfortunately, these shoes for kickboxing usually cost a lot of money. Whichever material you use, make sure it has sufficient ventilation so that your feet don’t get too sweaty while working.


At any time in the ring, you will strike or try to dodge it. Success lies in your ability to quickly change your posture without feeling tired. The weight of the best shoes for kickboxing class matters a lot. The best lightweight kickboxing shoes are critical to achieving effective posture and movement. They not only allow you to create lightning-fast combinations but also turn you into a moving target, thereby maintaining control. This gives you an edge. On the other hand, heavy shoes slow you down and waste most of your energy. Fortunately, most kickboxing shoes are handcrafted with agility in mind and weigh a lot less than a pound. However, while lightweight shoes are great, make sure you don’t sacrifice stability, support, and durability in favor of lightweight.


For the comparison of kickboxing shoes to be complete, it is necessary to include the sole of the shoe among the compared characteristics. The outsole is an important part of boot construction because it is the material that makes contact with the ground and that will provide you with a level of support. It is recommended to choose a non-slip rubber outsole with grips that guarantee the best grip and mobility. A smooth outsole can lead to falls and poor maneuverability. In this sense, there are models with special soles to improve performance and reduce wear, and there are other dual-use models that can even be suitable for walking in nature.


The closing mechanism of kickboxing shoes can make one shoe more comfortable than another. There are three systems of fastening: laces, Velcro, and a combination of the previous two. Kickboxing shoes should provide maximum support for the foot and ankle. The lace closure system protects the foot. Besides, they can vary in color and give the boots a different and brighter style. The Velcro system may be more practical and easier to fasten, but since it is a sport with sharp and constant movements, this system may not last that long and it may come off easily. On the other hand, the combination of both mechanisms provides better support and additional protection for the ankle.


Those who practice kickboxing know how important it is to use not only the right clothes but above all shoes specially designed for the discipline. A good pair of kickboxing shoes is essential for the best results during training and competition. There are kickboxing shoes on the market for all tastes, and the selection can be quite difficult due to the huge range. This review presents the 10 best shoes for cardio kickboxing and more. However, if you are at a loss with a choice, you should pay attention to the:

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