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Rowing Machine

Rowing is an effective and popular Crossfit exercise. The rowing machine is used to imitate the work of a rower in a boat, but only in a gym. In this case, the body has a rather high cardiovascular load. Today I will tell you about what muscles are involved in rowing, about the harm and benefits of rowing, and I will also tell you in detail how to choose a rowing machine for your home gym.

Here Our Top List 13 Best Indoor Rowing Machines for Home Gym – Editor’s Choice

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD MonitorSunny Health & FitnessBuy on Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine Rower with 12 Level Adjustable Resistance, Digital Monitor and 220 LB Max WeightSunny Health & FitnessBuy on Amazon
Mr. Captain Rowing Machine for Home Use,Water Resistance Natural Red Walnut Wood Rower with Bluetooth MonitorMR. CAPTAINBuy on Amazon
HouseFit Rowing Machine 300Lbs Weight Capacity for Home use 15-Level Magnetic Resistance Row Machine Exercise with LCD DisplayHouseFitBuy on Amazon
Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Hydraulic Rowing Machine - Compact, Portable, Folding Rower w/Smart Workout App, No Subscription RequiredStaminaBuy on Amazon
Stamina ATS Air Rower, Black - Smart Workout App, No Subscription Required - Foldable Rowing Machine for Home w/LCD Monitor, Dynamic Air ResistanceStaminaBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
ATIVAFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine 8 Level Adjustable Resistance Exercise for Whole Body with LCD Monitor for Home Use Folding Magnetic RowerATIVAFITBuy on Amazon
JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with LCD Display 300LB Weight Capacity Row Machine Exercise Rower for Home Gym (MR35)JOROTOBuy on Amazon
Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine | Adjustable Resistance | Rowing Machines for Home Use | LCD Monitor | Compact for Home Workout | Tone Muscle Improve Heart HealthLanosBuy on Amazon
Women’s Health Men’s Health Magnetic Rowing Machine with 14 Adjustable Resistance Levels, Smart Power Sensor and 6 Months Free On Demand CoachingWomen’s Health Men’s HealthBuy on Amazon
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor, BlackConcept2Buy on Amazon
Merax Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine Indoor Rower Machine with 46 Inch Slide Rail, Max 330LB Home CardioMeraxBuy on Amazon

The main tasks of the rowing machine are to improve the function of the cardiorespiratory system and the development of all muscle groups, especially the upper body. Such simulators are designed not only for the gym but also for the home. A variety of lines of home cardiovascular equipment makes it possible to choose the optimal exercise equipment at affordable prices.

1# Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine – Amazon’s Choice

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

This is a high-quality rowing machine that will perfectly complement your home gym. This is a magnetic rowing machine that has 8 resistance levels. This gives you the ability to vary the level of exercise based on your fitness. Thus, you can always increase the load in order to make your workout more effective. This machine has an LCD display that shows calories burned, time, distance, and more. It is equipped with non-slip pedals and sturdy straps that keep your feet safe.

2# Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine Adjustable Resistance Rower – Amazon’s Choice

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

If you are looking for a rowing machine with simple functions, then this option is for you. This sports equipment doesn’t take up much space in your home. You will be able to move it anywhere without any problem. It also means that you can easily store it in a place convenient for you. To find out the time, calories burned and more, you just need to look at the digital monitor.

3# Mr Captain Rowing Machine for Home Use

Mr Captain Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

If your dream is to immerse yourself in outdoor paddling, this model is made for you. This rowing machine resembles a real ship and is made from natural materials. It is made from red walnut wood. Such material is not only safe but also durable. It is a silent trainer that has 3 modes. The trainer also has wheels that allow you to move it around with ease. You can easily store it without taking up a lot of space. You just need to lift it by the end and place it near the wall.

4# HouseFit Rowing Machine

HouseFit Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

The home rowing machine has a sturdy construction that can support up to 300 pounds. It has an adjustable load level. There are 15 resistance levels available to you. The digital screen allows you to find out the time, a number of movements, total distance, calories, control over the upper limit of the heart rate. The simulator has a high-quality roller system to ensure a smooth, quiet ride during training.

5# Stamina Rowing Machine Body Trac Glider 1050 – Amazon’s Choice

Stamina Rowing Machine Trac Glider 1050

View on Amazon

A unique simulator that allows you to combine aerobic and power loads. It has a compact steel construction and a quality roller system that allows the machine to remain quiet during the movements. It has foldable construction for easy storage. You will feel comfortable during your workout thanks to the padded handles and molded seat.

6# Stamina ATS Rowing Machine – Amazon’s Choice

Stamina ATS Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

Rowing machine from Stamina for home use with an air loading system. It matches your pace. The seat of the exercise machine has an ergonomic anti-slip shape. The trainer has an adjustable footrests for safety and comfort. It has a lifting capacity of 250 lbs.

7# MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine Folding Exercise Rower

MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

This simulator has an electromagnetic resistance system that allows you to control the load. 16 resistance levels will help diversify your workouts and significantly increase their effectiveness. The foldable design allows you to save space after your workout.

8# ATIVAFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

ATIVAFIT Magnetic Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

Here you will find 8 levels of resistance, which are easily adjusted using the handle. The magnetic rowing machine ensures quiet operation. Find out your time, speed, calories, and amount on the easy-to-use LCD screen. The trainer is equipped with non-slip pedals and soft handles.

9# JOROTO Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Display – Amazon’s Choice

JOROTO Magnetic Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

This simulator allows you to exercise without leaving your home. Solid aluminum flywheel and magnetic resistance will keep your workout quiet. This means that you will not interfere with your family and neighbors. You can put the simulator for compact storage. Use 10 resistance levels for a variety of workouts.

10# Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

This rowing machine can be easily adjusted to suit your physical condition. Adjust the tension yourself according to your preference. The machine is equipped with a steel frame that can support up to 250 pounds. It has a bright LCD screen that shows time, calories, and row count.

11# Women’s Health Men’s Health Rowing Machine Bluetooth Rower

Health Rowing Machine Bluetooth Rower

View on Amazon

This is a compact rowing machine that is essential for everyone who wants to keep themselves in good physical shape. It offers 14 different resistance levels that give you a challenging fitness experience and adapt to the different goals of you and your family. Use the MyCloudFitness app to track your training progress.

12# Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine Model D

Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine Model D

View on Amazon

The new concept level of the Concept 2 Model D simulator with an installed updated PM5 computer. By compressing the air in the flywheel (front-wheel drive), you can easily adjust the resistance level of your workout by varying the speed of the machine. The flywheel also solves the issue of ventilation cooling during an intense cardio workout and is silent. It folds down for compact storage. The transport wheels on the front foot make it easy to move the folded machine to the desired location. The footrests are adjustable to suit users with different foot sizes. The handle has a 10-degree bend, which allows you to row with a natural hand position.

13# Merax Rowing Machine Foldable Indoor Water

Merax Rowing Machine

View on Amazon

A simple and easy-to-read LCD display allows you to track your progress. The screen displays the total time, amount, distance, and calories from the exercise. You can also easily reach your goals and measure your heart rate by adjusting the settings for the different modes. Non-slip foot pedals with adjustable straps can hold your feet well. The easy-to-handle and molded handlebar keep your elbows at a comfortable height at all times for effective health training. After training, the rowing machine can be folded up and easily transported on wheels for storage.

Features of the Technique

This simulator in many ways resembles the pull of the block to the belt, but a distinctive feature is that the legs are connected to the simulator.

Starting position: sitting on the simulator, arms extended, holding the handles, knees bent, feet resting on the supports.

When imitating rowing, with the help of the force of the hands, the handles of the simulator are pulled to the stomach while simultaneously pushing (straightening) the legs, in which the seat of the simulator moves back. After this movement comes to the relaxation phase, the exit to the starting position.

Execution Technique

Olympic rowing athletes use effortlessly, giving the impression that even a child can handle it. However, this opinion is far from reality, since rowing movements have many nuances and it can take you years to master the correct technique on the water. Luckily, for those in the gym, the rowing machine is not a fancy machine, and you can achieve perfection in it with basic technical knowledge and a little practice.

Catch. The catch is the start of the stroke. This is the point of full compression where the athlete begins to gain momentum for the stroke. If you were on a real rowing boat, you could see how at this point of the stroke the oar enters the water and “captures” the resistance of the water’s weight.

Immersion. It is the main part of the stroke, during which the legs move first, followed by the back, and, at the very end of the movement, the arms are connected to complete the stroke. Among the most common mistakes, it is worth noting performing the immersion with the hands in the first place, as well as raising the shoulders until the legs are completely lowered.

Completion. This is the final part of the movement. After completing the entire sequence of actions, you should take a sitting position with straight legs, and the erg handle should be pressed horizontally to the lower chest.

Recovery. It’s time to relax! From the position finishing the stroke, you must first spread your arms to the sides, then return your legs to a bent position (with your shoulders in front of the hips) and at the end spread your knees, taking the initial “grip” position. This movement should be done at the same time to avoid excessive body stiffness, but the handle must extend beyond the knees before you begin to bend your legs so that the handle does not have to lift with your legs. It is also helpful to keep in mind that the handle should remain horizontal throughout the stroke and recovery, and not swing from side to side.

Body position. I want to emphasize the need for a sharp change in position as a result of the movement of the hips, not the back. This is a critical condition for eliminating the risk of injury. It also allows you to get into a better position for the next stroke. Even if you start to get tired, do not allow yourself to slouch when moving, and watch how your chest rises when you grab.

Types of Simulator

Rowing machines are divided into several types:

  • Magnetic (electromagnetic, aeromagnetic)
  • Hydraulic
  • Aquatic
  • Air

What Muscles Work?

Rowing on a rowing machine is universal, that is, it is suitable for people with different athletic training and different physiques. In particular, such exercises are indicated for people with medical disabilities in sports, as well as those who are very overweight. A seated position during training ensures the safety of the knee and hip joints when the athlete is heavy.

When the technique is performed accurately, the rowing machine pumps the following muscle groups throughout the body:

  • Hands: wrist extensors and flexors, triceps, biceps.
  • Shoulders: Front and back deltas.
  • Back: vertebral columns, trapezius muscle, latissimus dorsi.
  • Legs and glutes: hamstrings, gluteus maximus, quadriceps.
  • Abs: internal and external oblique muscles.
  • An additional load falls on the pectoral muscle.

The main property of rowing with a rowing machine is the simultaneous activity of a large number of different muscles in the body. The intense work of the body increases the number of heartbeats, which creates an incomparable cardio effect during training.

The Benefits

  • The trainer engages all major muscle groups, which does not happen with other cardiovascular equipment
  • Training is aimed at increasing overall endurance, both muscles and other functions of the whole body
  • With the help of the simulator, you can reduce body weight, while exercising at a fast pace, calories are burned, prolonged training helps to burn subcutaneous fat
  • The rowing machine will improve not only the heart but also the respiratory system
  • The trainer improves posture by strengthening the stabilizing muscles of the spine
  • Improves the mobility of all joints
  • Has no age-related contraindications, as well as restrictions on the part of the musculoskeletal system
  • Able to change the load, adapting to individual needs

Cons for Your Home Gym

  • The duration of training is significantly reduced, in contrast to training with other cardiovascular equipment. It is impossible to exercise for 40-60 minutes.
  • The machine does not have a heart rate sensor, which makes the calorie expenditure inaccurate.
  • A contraindication to a rowing machine is hypertension and other heart problems.

How to Choose a Rowing Machine for Your Home?

To select a suitable simulator, you first need to pay attention to its parameters. Both magnetic and hydraulic trainers are suitable for home use. When exercising at home, it is better to pay attention to folding models, this will save free space. It is also important to choose a simulator based on the maximum load that it can withstand. Some models can withstand no more than 100 kg, while the weight of the user should in no case exceed this indicator.


The rowing machine is an excellent leader in the home cardio machine as it loads all muscle groups at the same time. I told you about the 13 Best Rowing Machines for Your Home Gym. Now all you have to do is add one rowing machine to your home gym. If you still have doubts about the choice, then choose Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine.

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