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Everlast Reflex Bag

Which brand is primarily associated with boxing? Every martial arts fan knows the answer to this question – Everlast. It is the leading brand in the world of boxing and ranks among the most successful brands in the sporting goods and apparel industry. EVERLAST clothing and sports equipment have become the “Choice of Champions” and are used for training and professional fights by many great boxers. This article focuses on everlast reflex bags that are the best on the market. Let’s figure out why.

EVERLAST – History of Creation

The EVERLAST brand was registered in 1910 by Jacob Golomb in the Bronx (New York) for a company that manufactures equipment for swimmers. Seventeen-year-old Jacob Golomb, the son of a tailor and an avid swimmer, drew attention to the very poor quality of the swimming suits used at the time. They barely survived one season. Young Golomb designed and began producing swimwear that was guaranteed to last a year. He proudly named them “Everlast” on the principle of eternal. And while his suits didn’t last forever, the company’s name has stood the test of time. In the years that followed, Golomb expanded the company into a small sewing department for an entire line of sportswear.

In 1917, young boxer Jack Dempsey introduced Golomb and EVERLAST to the boxing world. Dempsey asked Golomb to make him a protective helmet that could withstand 15 rounds and intense training, and Golomb designed a test model for him. In 1919, Dempsey, wearing gloves made for him by Golomb, won the world heavyweight boxing title. Since then, EVERLAST has become the premier supplier of boxing equipment worldwide.

In 1925, Golomb developed belted sweatpants to replace the leather-belted athletic shorts used by boxers at the time. The new shorts have become incredibly popular. Now, these shorts are called “boxing”, and the brand “EVERLAST” has become a real legend of the ring.

For over 100 years, the name EVERLAST has been synonymous with boxing.

The time has come when women began to master tough men’s sports, and EVERLAST produces a line of women’s sportswear for boxing. Fortunately, even intense boxing exercises do not deform the figure, but, on the contrary, develop harmoniously. The collection of sportswear for women was designed to emphasize the beauty of the female body, its flexibility, and its slenderness.

The women appreciated the new EVERLAST clothing line, and soon the brand went beyond the boxing ring. EVERLAST clothing is chosen for track and field training, fitness, and even dancing. American cheerleaders often wear the EVERLAST uniform.

Under the EVERLAST brand, in addition to special sportswear, a line of lifestyle clothing is produced. In casual collections, natural materials are used, as well as fabrics from modern high-tech fibers. As in the direction of the sport, EVERLAST casual wear emphasizes the beauty of an athletic build and expresses the fighting character of its owner.

Our Top List 6 Best Everlast Reflex Bag – Editor’s Choice

Everlast Reflex Bag (EA)EverlastBuy on Amazon
Hyperflex Strike Bag (EA)EverlastBuy on Amazon
Everlast Elite Leather Speed BagEverlastBuy on Amazon
Double End Striking Bag (EA)EverlastBuy on Amazon
Everlast New Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag, Black Red, 67"EverlastBuy on Amazon
Power Core Bag (EA)EverlastBuy on Amazon

1# Everlast Reflex Bag (EA)

Everlast Reflex Bag

View on Amazon

In the gym, I constantly use the reflex bag, after buying this Everlast reflex bag, I can now train at home. I liked the workmanship of this bag,  the leather is synthetic and has good quality.  All the seams are made perfectly. I think it will last more than one year. Yes, and in motion, she behaves perfectly, well balanced, has a good base.

I really enjoy practicing with her, especially when I see a positive result after training. The movements of the reflex bag are well-coordinated, I very quickly adapted to it. This reflex bag develops not only speed but also endurance. I’m very glad I bought it, the price is not high for such a reflex bag.

2# Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag (EA) – Amazon’s Choice

Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag

View on Amazon

This everlast reflex bag is designed to be used throughout the room. It can be carried and installed anywhere. The EVERLAST Hyperflex bag improves the coordination of the arms and legs and the cardiovascular system. Thanks to the locking spring, the bag can be adjusted to three training modes for strength, reflexes and coordination, and cardio. This punching bag is designed to train: speed, accuracy, coordination of movements, defense, and inclines. You can adjust the height up to 63 inches. This reflex bag has a high-density plastic base.

3# Everlast Speed Bag

Everlast Speed Bag

View on Amazon

The Everlast Speed ​​Bag is designed to develop the speed of your strikes. Made of high-quality leather, all seams are additionally reinforced for increased strength and durability. The bag is perfectly balanced to provide a perfect rebound on impact, making your workout easier. The unique design and optimal balancing of the bag provide a high degree of functionality, allowing you to train with maximum performance.

4# Double End Striking Bag (EA)

Double End Striking Bag

View on Amazon

Want to improve your punching speed and accuracy? Then you can’t do without the Everlast Punching Bag! Its contact surface is made of high-strength artificial leather that withstands dynamic loads well. All seams are additionally reinforced. The inner chamber retains its elasticity for a long time and holds its shape perfectly. Hanging loops are double stitched. The manufacturer has included stretch marks.

5# Everlast P00001223 Omniflex Freestanding Bag

Everlast P00001223 Omniflex Freestanding Bag

View on Amazon

The everlast reflex bag on a stand is created with the use of modern technology and innovations for full-fledged sports training, allows you to hit with your hands, feet, and knees. The rounded design allows for easy movement around the target, increasing cardio load, improving coordination. The Omniflex Power Transfer Ring absorbs shock and reduces base movement and slip. The base, made of high-strength PVC, can be filled with water or sand so that the projectile will not move on the floor or slip during training. The position of the reflex bag can be adjusted in height.

6# Everlast Powercore Free Standing Indoor Home Rounded Heavy Duty Fitness Training Punching Bag – Amazon’s Choice

Everlast Powercore Punching Bag

View on Amazon

Reinforced double-stitched seams provide durability to the Everlast reflex bag. Unique design prevents excessive movement. The base, which can be filled with sand or water for stability, can be easily removed for easy transport and simply secured with four bolts. The outdoor punching bag has a cylindrical shape. Develop your speed, endurance, and coordination!

What is a Reflex Bag?

Such a projectile consists of three parts:

  • Heavy platform-base
  • Long spring pin
  • And the punching bag itself

From a blow on such a reflex bag, it begins to sway, eventually assuming its original position. With the help of an outdoor reflex bag, the speed and accuracy of strikes are trained. However, there are models that are fixed to the ceiling and do not have a platform. Such punching bags are also called speed ones.

Reflex Bag Distinctive Features

The reflex bag is much smaller and lighter than other punching bags. Due to their technical features, they develop radically different skills. Outwardly, it is rather small.

What is a Reflex Bag For?

First of all, she develops:

  • Hitting accuracy
  • Impact speed
  • Shoulder girdle

After hitting, the reflex bag moves in a chaotic, fast manner. The boxer, in turn, learns to hit the target correctly, which does not standstill. When hitting medium hardness, the athlete will have to dodge, because otherwise, he may be hit.

Basic Training Rules

So, reflex bag for boxing, what exactly is it for, and how to work on it? First of all, no matter how strange it sounds, you need to learn to keep the rhythm. After a hit, she must make at least three rebounds. It is not necessary to hit hard, it is important that the blow is clearly delivered. For convenience, especially in the initial stages, it is not necessary to punch directly with your fist. You can open and relax your arms. Finger strikes will significantly slow the frequency of the reflex bag and allow you to get used to the tempo.

You should know that your hands should be near the pear. If the distance is too long, you will have to make sharp throws to the bag. Striking the reflex bag too hard can reduce the quality of the exercise. Many coaches at the beginning recommend keeping the rhythm “left-left-right-right”. At the same time, the stand should be frontal for maximum convenience. The eyes should be in line with the pear. After some time of regular training according to this method, you will feel natural in the movements and will be able to move on to more complex and at the same time more effective exercises.

How to Work With a Reflex Bag?

The first option is to strike from different angles, with the help of which to bring the punch into a chaotic movement. Then try to accurately hit the projectile.

The second option is direct strikes. So we will set the reflex bag in motion along one axis (back and forth). You need to hit with the striking part of the fist approximately in the center of the bag. This is how the clarity of the blows is trained and the correct setting of the fist is developed.

The reflex bag should ideally be at eye level. Feet shoulder-width apart, stand on the balls of your feet, so that it is more comfortable to maintain balance. And you also need to strain the body so that it does not dangle. Hit the reflex bag well. The bag must hit and rebound three times before the next hit with the second hand follows.

Sense of Rhythm

This can probably be compared to a waltz – you need to learn to keep the rhythm. Work until you learn it. After each hit, the bag must do three bounces. For example, you hit once, the reflex bag flew back and forth. You can hit again. Hit – three bounces – a new hit. And so the whole round. The rhythm should be built according to the formula: 1-2-3. That is, you need to vary the blows: right-left; two right – two left; three right – three left; then again one.

This is the best rhythm for beginners. Besides the fact that it develops excellent coordination, it also gives a good load on the body.

Some trainers recommend that beginners do three reps with one hand. But here, probably, it is more a matter of individual preferences. Rhythm is perhaps the first thing you need to learn.

Watch Your Hands

Hands should be located next to the reflex bag, which will make it possible to strike without sharp throws of hands towards it.

Otherwise (that is if the arms are too far apart), you will need to accelerate them too much. And this, in turn, will lead to too strong a blow.

So, hands should be kept closer to the projectile. And one more important moment, when one hand hits, the other is waiting for its moment directly under the bag, that is, it must be ready for the next blow.

The first blow is applied with the front of the fist, the second is practiced with the lower part. When switching from one hand to the other, it is important to feel the ease of your movements. It is also advised to strike not with a fist, but with an unclenched palm.

Hands should make small circles in the air. They are not thrown out in front of them, but as if they are unwinding something from themselves. These movements can be practiced initially in front of a mirror.

You are probably convinced that working with a reflex bag is work for the result.


If you want to improve your speed, endurance, and add cardio to your life, then the Everlast reflex bags are the best option. I have brought you 6 of the Best Everlast Reflex Bags that you can easily install at home, in your garage, or in your yard. However, if you cannot choose one thing, then feel free to choose the first product – Everlast Reflex Bag (EA). If you train regularly, the result will not belong incoming! I was convinced of this from my own expert.

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