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Muay Thai Gloves

Boxing gloves for Muay Thai is a basic element of a boxer’s outfit. They protect the hands, anchor the wrist, and cover the knuckles to prevent damage to bones, ligaments, and soft tissue. They also soften the blow and help protect the head and body.

Our Compilation of 11 Best Muay Thai Gloves – Editor’s Choice

Essential Boxing Gloves Red 14-ozSanabulBuy on Amazon
Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. BGV1-BR Breathable Gloves. Color: Solid Black. Size: 12 14 16 oz. Training, Sparring Gloves for Boxing, Kick Boxing, MMA (Black, 16 oz)FairtexBuy on Amazon
Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women - White, 16 ozHayabusaBuy on Amazon
Venum Contender Boxing Gloves - Black/Gold - 14-OunceVenumBuy on Amazon
RDX Boxing Gloves EGO, Sparring Muay Thai Kickboxing MMA Heavy Training Mitts, Maya Hide Leather, Ventilated, Long Support, Punching Bag Workout Pads, Men Women Adult 8 10 12 14 16 ozRDXBuy on Amazon
Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves for Men & Women, Kickboxing Bagwork Gel Sparring Training Gloves, Muay Thai Style Punching Bag Mitts, Fight Gloves (Midnight & Blue, 16 oz)TrideerBuy on Amazon
Everlast 1200014 Pro Style Training Gloves (Black, 14 oz.)EverlastBuy on Amazon
ZTTY Boxing Gloves Kickboxing Muay Thai Punching Bag MMA Pro Grade Sparring Training Fight Gloves for Men & Women, Black(14oz)ZTTYBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Windy Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves, 16-Ounce, RedWINDYBuy on Amazon
YOKKAO Matrix Breathable Muay Thai Boxing Glove - Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Grey, Petroleum, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz GlovesYOKKAOBuy on Amazon

To be successful in Muay Thai requires long and hard training. But besides the daily training, the selection of the right equipment plays a big role. Properly selected Muay Thai gloves to play an important role in achieving results in training and competition. I suggest you take a look at the top 11 models on the market from popular manufacturers.

1# Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Punching Bag Gloves – #1 Best Seller

Sanabul Boxing Bag Gloves

View on Amazon

Gloves are undoubtedly the most recognizable attribute of any boxer. Sanabul boxing gloves will be an excellent choice for an athlete due to their excellent price-quality ratio. Perfect for Muay Thai practice and has a specially designed construction of high-quality leather that provides excellent functionality and durability. Correct distribution of impact force thanks to the special filling of the combination of foam and gel for maximum protection during the most intense workouts. The correct anatomical design fits perfectly into the arms of the athlete, the movement feels natural and comfortable. Stylish design will delight any athlete.

  • They fit snugly on the hands and are fixed with a special Velcro

  • The special mesh lining keeps the athlete’s hands dry and comfortable

  • Difficult to put on

2# Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves

View on Amazon

FAIRTEX boxing gloves are handmade from genuine cowhide leather by the best craftsmen in Thailand. The quality of Muay Thai gloves amazes with the perfectly finished seams, perfectly fitted parts of the gloves, comfortable cuffs, the edges of which are also stitched with leather. Thanks to the ergonomic fit, the boxing gloves fit snugly and comfortably around the fist of the athlete. The model has a three-layer protective foam layer, it is characterized by the most convenient and safe operation. The thumb is fixed to the body of the glove. Velcro straps perfectly to keep the wrist in place. Boxing gloves are suitable for working with apparatus and for sparring.

  • They are suitable for working on bags and on paws, and for working in the toughest sparring

  • The wrist is securely fixed with a cuff

  • Too tough

3# Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

View on Amazon

Do you want the best entry-level Muay Thai Gloves? Hayabusa has heard you and created a glove that has everything you were looking for. Gloves provide excellent protection, tight grip, and ergonomic design. Everyone has to start somewhere. Beginners can rely on these gloves at the beginning of their training path. Thanks to the right-hand grip and ergonomics, you get the best protection that entry-level gloves can provide. Train hard without thinking about hand safety. The ergonomics of the S4 gloves are similar to the T3 gloves, but with a more simplified design. The gloves feel very comfortable, with a high degree of protection, and give an excellent impression of the first boxing gloves. The outer part of the gloves is made of synthetic leather.

  • Large selection of colors

  • They have excellent breathability

  • They are very tight

4# Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

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The anatomical shape of the glove contributes to a precise fit to the palm, thereby providing comfort and reliable protection. Three layers of foam absorb impact and prevent hand injury. The wrist is securely protected with Velcro and a wide strap. The developers have tried to minimize injuries and provide comfortable and reliable conditions for practicing their favorite sport. They are made of synthetic leather, which has a long service life. The thumb is fully secured to prevent knocking out. It’s suitable for practicing, sparring, bagging, or pawing. The Venum Contender boxing gloves will definitely lead you to success!

  • 100% high-quality synthetic leather for long-lasting durability

  • Super dense foam for perfect shock absorption

  • They can be small for very large hands

5# RDX Boxing Gloves for Training Muay Thai

RDX Boxing Gloves

View on Amazon

These Most Popular Muay Thai Gloves feature “Quadro Dome” technology for enhanced protection and comfort, designed for Muay Thai training. The model of gloves is covered with durable eco-leather Maya, which significantly reduced their price, but did not lose performance and functionality. The four-layer “IMT” gel filling with molded foam provides good protection for the hands during intense training. The lining is made of antimicrobial fabric. The VELCRO system lock creates a secure fixation. The thumb is sewn to the base for safety.

  • Affordable price

  • They are made of high-quality genuine leather

  • Not suitable for use on heavy bags

6# Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves for Men & Women

Trideer Boxing Gloves

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The Trideer Pro Grade Muay Thai gloves must, first of all, meet all the requirements, be comfortable and functional. This model has a wide Velcro strap around the wrist of sufficient length to provide a secure grip. Comfortable and pleasant to the touch, the foam pad provides a secure fit and prevents slipping. They are made from artificial leather. This material is distinguished by its high performance. They are equipped with a breathable mesh that keeps your hands from sweating and makes them feel comfortable even with prolonged wear.

  • Easy to clean

  • The curved anatomical arm design

  • Not the best choice for professionals

7# Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves – #1 Best Seller

Everlast Training Gloves

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The Pro Style boxing training gloves from the Everlast brand are perfect for sparring, working on heavy bags and paws. The model is made of high-quality artificial leather. High-density foam padding for comfort and protection. They have an anatomical shape, mesh material on the palm for optimal air exchange, antibacterial treatment, and wide Velcro cuffs.

  • Great price

  • Everfresh treatment prevents sweat odor

  • Too thin

8# ZTTY Muay Thai Gloves Punching Bag

ZTTY Muay Thai Gloves

View on Amazon

The quality of this product has predetermined the choice of many professionals. They are made of high-quality synthetic leather that can withstand impacts of any force and is tear-resistant. They are equipped with a three-layer lining, which reduces the force and speed of impact, acceleration.

  • Wide strap

  • Excellent hand cooling and breathability

  • They are smaller than other models

9# Twins Gloves for Training and Sparring Muay Thai

Twins Gloves Muay Thai

View on Amazon

This iconic boxing glove is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. These gloves are made by hand from premium quality genuine cowhide leather. Thanks to the unique design, they will retain their shape for a long time. The hardliner perfectly absorbs the impact, protecting the hand, while the impact force remains the same. The wide Velcro closure secures the glove securely to the wrist. Sizes range from 8 to 18 ounces, also available in sizes for children.

  • Comfortable clasp

  • Large selection of colors and sizes

  • Lining tends to cling to fingers

10# WINDY Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves

WINDY Muay Thai Gloves

View on Amazon

Muay Thai Windy training gloves are the perfect combination of price and quality. Inexpensive boxing gloves made of genuine leather. Stuffing-filling made of multi-layer format foam, which perfectly absorbs impact force and provides protection for hands. These are some of the most comfortable Muay Thai gloves you can find.

  • Hook & Loop closures

  • Free-fit gloves

  • Bulky enough

11# YOKKAO Matrix Breathable Muay Thai Boxing Glove

YOKKAO Muay Thai Glove

View on Amazon

The YOKKAO Matrix boxing gloves are great for Muay Thai and are made from quality leather. The inner layer of damped foam absorbs impact and prevents hand injuries. The design of the gloves has ventilation holes in the palm area. It is fixed with a wide Velcro. These gloves are a great choice for a comfortable workout.

  • Anatomically correct shape

  • Fixed thumb position

  • Expensive enough

What Makes Muay Thai Gloves Different?

To a person who does not understand the specifics and subtleties of sports equipment, it may seem that Muay Thai gloves are no different from ordinary boxing gloves. But this is not at all the case. For Muay Thai, special gloves are needed, which is due to the peculiarities of the technique of fighting and striking. Due to the high number of kicks in sparring, the gloves have a wider shape. This allows them to expand their protective role and cover a large area of ​​the face and head from kicks by the opponent. Thus, thanks to the shape of the gloves, protection is improved for the boxer in combat. Muay Thai is also characterized by grabbing the opponent’s legs in sparring. Especially for this, Muay Thai gloves have a more flexible thumb than regular boxing gloves. This provides the mobile and mobile work of the boxer’s hands.

How Many Gloves Should You Have?

To achieve high results, it is necessary to competently approach the distribution of the load and the selection of equipment for Muay Thai.

Gloves need to be selected not one for all occasions, but at least three pairs:

  • Training gloves. They differ in that the thumb is sewn into them more rigidly. Due to this, novice athletes can avoid excessive hand injuries during intense training.
  • Weighted gloves. This type of equipment is necessary for preparation for serious competitions or important fights. They are distinguished by the increased weight of the gloves, in which the blows are practiced. After the athlete returns to normal glove weight, the momentum kick becomes sharper and faster.
  • Sparring gloves. Gloves of this type should be of the highest quality and most comfortable. They are worn for competition or sparring.

What to Look for When Choosing

The quality of gloves depends directly on the material of the top, filler, and manufacturer of the product. The latter is responsible for the quality of all seams, threads, and other fittings, which significantly affects the durability and strength of Muay Thai sports equipment.

Material. Good quality gloves cannot be too cheap. Genuine leather is rightfully considered the highest quality material for the top. For sports equipment, the skin of different animals is used, but bovine is most suitable for gloves. Muay Thai gloves from world manufacturers are made mainly of leather. However, global brands also have more budgetary lines designed for amateurs, made of high-quality leatherette. The advantages of products made from natural materials are undeniable. The hand feels comfortable in them, it sweats less. The products themselves will serve their owners longer.

Despite the fact that leather equipment is more expensive if you decide to come to the Muay Thai gym seriously and for a long time, it is better to give preference to it from the very beginning. Such gloves allow you to better feel the hand and it is much easier to put on them. In addition, they sit on the arm much faster and more accurately, which is also important in the process of training and sparring.

Filler. Before choosing gloves for Muay Thai, it is worth studying not only the materials from which their outer and inner surfaces are made but also what lies inside.

There can be three options:

  • Horsehair
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Cotton wool

Earlier, horsehair was considered the best material as a filler in the manufacture of Muay Thai gloves. It is quite dense and tough. Technological progress, with a wide variety of synthetic materials, made it possible to replace it with cheaper and high-quality raw materials. Polyurethane foam is considered ideal for gloves. It provides good tightness, springiness, and quality. Polyurethane foam has excellent shock-absorbing characteristics, which allows it to practically not deform under the influence of impacts and quickly recover its shape.

But cotton wool is used in the most budgetary models, and often – fakes. It very quickly loses its structure and crumbles. This is fraught with injuries both to the fighter using such gloves and to his opponent. Equipment quickly fails and requires replacement. Therefore, the savings are questionable.

Muay Thai gloves must be packed very tightly to meet safety requirements. This protects the hands from all sorts of occupational injuries. It should be borne in mind that regardless of the price and quality of gloves, over time, the filler will “breakthrough”. It is fair to say that good gloves will last much longer. In order not to put yourself, your opponent, or partner at risk while sparring, change your equipment on time.

How do I Fit Gloves to Fit Myself?

In order to most conveniently fasten the gloves on the fighter’s hand, manufacturers offer two types of fasteners:

  • The first is lacing. It conveniently, reliably, and unusually firmly fixes the equipment on the hands. However, it is quite difficult to properly fasten the lacing yourself. Sometimes this causes certain difficulties for the owner of such gloves.
  • A more modern type of fixation is Velcro. It also reliably fixes the gloves, and you can cope with it yourself, without the help of outside help. Velcro is increasingly replacing the usual lacing from the rows of fasteners on gloves. However, it should be noted that at professional high-level competitions, the presence of lacing on gloves is a must.

Size and Color. One of the main criteria for selecting Muay Thai gloves is the correct size. Gloves are selected according to the weight of the fighter, the heavier it is, the more weight they have. The weight of Muay Thai gloves is measured in ounces. The minimum figure is 4 ounces: this size is chosen for beginner athletes. The maximum weight is 20 ounces and is suitable for heavyweight fighters.

Modern manufacturers produce Muay Thai gloves in a wide variety of colors. Finding good Muay Thai gloves is not difficult. This issue needs to be approached in detail, because not only sports performance, but also the health of an athlete can depend on the quality of sports equipment. Good quality gloves are the key to effective training and successful fights!


Boxing gloves are one of the main attributes of Muay Thai equipment. Gloves provide protection for the hands (fist, hand) of the hitting athlete and minimize serious injury to his opponent. If you want high quality and durable Popular Muay Thai Gloves, then choose any of the above. But if you find it difficult to decide on one model, then you will love Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves.

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