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Muay Thai Headgear

The best headgear for Muay Thai is a must-have for amateur competition and sparring. It protects from minor and not very injuries, due to the fact that it covers most of the head. With such a headgear, the impact force is extinguished several times, which is certainly safer for you.

Anyone who has taken a blow to the head at least once knows that protection during training is very important. In contact sports, this becomes even more important. Strong shocks can build up and negatively affect brain function after several years of training. The first step begins with the gym and choosing the right protection and headgear. Today, together with you, we will look at the topic of head protection and which boxing helmet should be chosen for you.

Here Our Compilation of 14 Best Muay Thai Headgear – Editor’s Choice

RDX Boxing Headgear MMA Muay Thai, Removable Face Grill, Head Gear for Sparring Grappling Martial Arts Kickboxing Taekwondo Karate BJJ TrainingRDXBuy on Amazon
Everlast® Durahide Headgear (EA)EverlastBuy on Amazon
Boxing Headgear, Synthetic Leather MMA Headgear, UFC Fighting Sparring Headgear by SANJOIN, BlackSANJOINBuy on Amazon
Fairtex Headgear Super Sparring HG3, HG10, HG13 Diagonal Vision for Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing (HG10 White,L)FairtexBuy on Amazon
Venum Elite Headgear-Black/Black - OneSizeVenumBuy on Amazon
Hayabusa T3 Adjustable MMA Headgear - White/Black, MediumHayabusaBuy on Amazon
FitsT4 Boxing MMA Muay Thai Kickboxing UFC Sparring Headgear Martial Arts Karate BJJ TrainingFitsT4 SportsBuy on Amazon
Sanabul Essential MMA Boxing Kickboxing Head Gear (Silver, S/M)SanabulBuy on Amazon
Boxing Head Guard Muay Thai MMA Sparring Headgear… (Black/Black, Large/X-Large)TWISTER FIGHT WEARBuy on Amazon
MaxxMMA Headgear Black L/XL Boxing MMA Training Kickboxing Sparring Karate TaekwondoMaxxMMABuy on Amazon
Twins Special Headgear Head Guard HGL-3 Color Black Blue Red Size S, M, L, XL for Protection in Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA (Black,M)Twins SpecialBuy on Amazon
Nose-bar Headgear, Boxing, MMA, Muay-Thai (Blue)ShuderBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon

This choice, contrary to popular belief, is not easy to make. I decided to help you out and reviewed 14 Muay Thai headgear. Take a look at them, examine their pros and cons and you can choose the one that suits you.

1# RDX Headguard for Boxing, MMA Training

RDX Headguard MMA Training

View on Amazon

This headgear is designed to fully protect the most important part of your body: your brain. Maya Hide Leather is tough and durable, complementing this helmet’s already solid design. G-Core’s shockproof gel technology consists of Supremo Shock™ foam, combined with Tri-Slab ™ and Shell Shock ™ to provide the best cushioning head protection you’ve ever worn. The Quick-EZ strap allows you to adjust the tightness for a comfortable and secure fit. This helmet was created to provide confidence where it is needed most during sparring.

  • Fits head shape

  • Neatly sewn

  • This provides the best overview

2# Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

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The Everlast EverFresh headgear allows you to avoid serious head and face injuries during training. The helmet is made from tough and durable Durahide synthetic leather. The foam material used as internal filling provides reliable protection, effectively absorbing the energy of impacts. The inner lining is made of breathable, moisture-wicking material with EverFresh antibacterial impregnation, which creates an optimal microclimate inside the helmet.

The helmet has a lightweight design with reinforced protection for the forehead, cheekbones, and nape while providing maximum visibility. Ear holes with a horizontal membrane provide ear protection, create additional airflow to the head. Adjustable Velcro straps at the chin and back of the head allow you to adjust the helmet to your individual head size and ensure a snug fit, preventing the helmet from shifting during impacts.

  • This provides excellent visibility

  • Dense foam filler

  • Uncomfortable for a big head

3# SANJOIN Boxing Headgear – Amazon’s Choice

SANJOIN Boxing Headgear

View on Amazon

Incredible protective properties, thoughtful design to the smallest detail, natural visibility, reliable adjustment, and precise fit, effective moisture management, and anti-slip protection – all this in a helmet weighing less than 400 grams. The shell of the helmet is made of top quality synthetic leather. In the forehead area, the thickness of the shock-absorbing filler is doubled, since according to statistics, most of the blows fall here.

Your head will definitely appreciate it. The inner surface is made from a material that feels like soft suede, has excellent moisture-wicking properties, and provides excellent grip on the head surface, so the helmet is non-slip and has an extremely pleasant feel. The helmet has extremely compact dimensions and is practically imperceptible on the head.

  • Lightweight

  • The material is resistant to water and sweat

  • Although the manufacturer says the accessory is suitable for children, it is not. The headgear for children is too big

4# Fairtex Headgear Head Guard Super Sparring

Fairtex Headgear Sparring

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All-round coverage to help prevent injury protects the back of the head, forehead, ears, cheeks, and chin. Covers all necessary parts of the head without limiting the angle of view. Soft on the inside but tough on the outside for maximum comfort. Special multi-layer, high-density foam for maximum protection and shock absorption. Adjustable drawstring top and adjustable padded back hook and loop for head protection and a secure fit.

  • The balance between visibility and head protection

  • Suitable for both sparring and competition

  • Tight enough

5# Venum Elite Headgear – Amazon’s Choice

Venum Elite Headgear

View on Amazon

Venum Headgear the best price/quality ratio. Provides good protection for sensitive areas of the head. Skintex synthetic leather and ultra-light multi-layer foam to prevent traumatic brain injury. Very soft, pleasant fabric lining. Velcro pattern is made by stamping. It is equipped with a two-way adjustment system. The size is universal.

  • Handmade

  • Full protection of the head, cheekbones, ears

  • Hard to take off

6# Hayabusa T3 MMA Headgear

Hayabusa T3 MMA Headgear

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The robust and functional Hayabusa T3 helmet in white and black is designed for comfortable and safe training. This development of the Canadian brand will protect against injury even in the most serious sparring. Upper made from tough, crack-resistant engineered leather. Minimum weight for your comfort. The low profile gives you maximum visibility. The model is equipped with the new generation T-cross Velcro straps for the most secure fit.

  • Pre-curved padding conforms to the shape of the head for a comfortable fit

  • The antimicrobial lining protects the skin from irritation

  • It might sit too tight

7# FitsT4 Muay Thai Training Headgear

FitsT4 Muay Thai Training Headgear

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This is a high-quality Muay Thai training helmet. It is made of PU leather, which is a strong and durable material. You can easily clean the accessory after your workout. Thanks to the soft polyester lining, wearing the helmet will be comfortable even during intense sparring. Thanks to the presence of the mesh, the air penetrates perfectly and your head does not sweat.

  • Excellent breathability

  • Soft lining with mesh

  • Not suitable for competition

8# Sanabul Head Gear

Sanabul Head Gear

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The boxing helmet of the Sanabul brand combines quality and convenience at an affordable price. The helmet is made of a high quality leather substitute. The inner filler is a molded foam that dampens shock well and thus provides reliable protection! Comfortable fit and secure fit with Velcro back and lace-up top. The helmet provides complete coverage of the head, cheeks, and chin.

  • Various sizes available

  • Superb Impact-dura impact foam provides excellent shock absorption

  • Limited visibility

9# Twister Competition Boxing Head Guard

Twister Competition Boxing Head Guard

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This headgear is designed for Muay Thai training. The construction protects the athlete’s cheekbones and chin. The ears are protected by special modules to prevent injury to the eardrum. The helmet is made of synthetic leather stuffed with EVA foam. The helmet closes with two Velcro straps.

  • Size is adjustable

  • Fully matches the shape of the head

  • Not the best option for competition

10# MaxxMMA Headgear

MaxxMMA Headgear Muay Thai

View on Amazon

It protects the athlete from injury, bruises, abrasions, and cuts. Especially helps prevent serious head injuries. The advantage of this model is the enhanced protection of the cheeks and crown. The model provides a wide range of vision and comfortable breathing. Thanks to high-quality material, it will last a long time. It doesn’t chafe or interfere during sparring.

  • Convenient and practical to use

  • Does not chafe or interfere with sparring

  • It may move slightly to the side when hit hard

11# Twins Headgear for Protection in Muay Thai

Twins Headgear Muay Thai

View on Amazon

Muay Thai Headgear TWINS is handcrafted from the highest quality genuine leather. This guarantees the durability of the product. Used to protect the cheeks, chin, ears, bones, and cartilage of the face during exercise. The helmet protects the athlete’s head, while its weight is almost imperceptible. Does not hinder movement, leaves a good overview, and excellent audibility. The design provides a reliable Velcro fastener. Special seals are used to protect the ears.

  • The accessory has an ideal anatomical shape for comfort

  • Doesn’t rub the skin

  • If you have a small head it can fly off

12# Shuder Nose-bar Headgear, Boxing, MMA, Muay-Thai

Shuder Nose-bar Headgear

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This boxing helmet offers complete face protection. Provides comprehensive head protection during training. The lightweight helmet design provides an enhanced forehead, chin, and jaw protection. The multi-layer inner filling effectively absorbs shocks and protects the fighter’s head. The lacing system at the top of the helmet and on the back of the head allows you to choose a comfortable and snug fit of the helmet on your head.

  • Comfortable, adjustable chin strap

  • Lightweight

  • Not breathable enough

13# Julymoda Headgear for Boxing MMA Training

Julymoda Headgear MMA Training

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This boxing helmet is ideal for a head circumference of 50-60 cm. It is made of durable polyurethane that will withstand any impact. With a soft and breathable suede inner lining and an open-top design, you will feel as comfortable and dry as possible, even during the longest workouts. This helmet is available in red and black colors.

  • Doesn’t pull hair

  • Holds securely on your head

  • The color may not quite match the photo

14# Sposuit Boxing Headgear

Sposuit Boxing Headgear

View on Amazon

This boxing helmet is made of high-quality PU leather that is easy to clean and will last for years to come. They give you great protection for your forehead, jaw, eyes, and ears. The large Velcro on the back will help you securely and comfortably attach the helmet to your head. Thanks to its breathable mesh lining, your head will stay dry even during long workouts.

  • T-shaped face for greater visibility

  • Mesh lining for extra freshness

  • I found no visible flaws

Why Is Headgear for Muay Thai Needed?

A boxer, especially a beginner and amateur, should be as protected as possible in the ring. And the obligatory defensive attribute is Headgear. It protects the most important points from damage: the chin, nose, ear cartilage, and the head as a whole. The question of his competent choice arises.

Headgear for Muay Thai Selection Guide

Convenience. You should feel comfortable in your protective gear, this is a very important point! Sparring is already a stressful situation for the body; you should not be distracted, annoyed, or uncomfortable with anything. High-end boxers often sacrifice a higher degree of protection in favor of comfort, as speed and a calm, relaxed state provide more safety than an uncomfortable headgear with a higher degree of protection.

Comfort is understood as sitting on the head. Some boxing headgears press on the forehead or press on the back of the head, it happens that the headgear slides on the head or even dangles freely. Some models fit unevenly to the head, forming an empty space between the inner surface of the helmet and the head. Sometimes the problem of rotating the headgear on the head is caused by the smooth lining, which becomes very slippery when wet from sweat. In such cases, the headgear rotates on the head with each hit, which directly affects safety. The boxer, deprived of vision, misses additional hits.

Material. As for the material, today’s natural and synthetic materials are often used to make the attribute. The former is more reliable and sturdy. Famous companies such as “Twins” and “Fairtex” make their products from them, for example – natural leather. The products are very durable and pleasant to the touch.

In general, any manufacturer should provide a guarantee of quality defense when sparring or fighting. Very often, diamantine options are on sale at modest prices. This attracts many boxing parents and newbies. In practice, these savings can lead to many health problems in the form of head injuries. Here it is better not to skimp and purchase versions made of genuine leather. Thanks to them, the head breathes better, and the material perfectly absorbs moisture.

Overview. The maximum degree of protection is very important, but it is difficult to defend against blows that you cannot see. Even if you still miss punches a lot, it is very important to see them – because this allows you to use defensive actions. The view of a boxing helmet can be limited by the protective protectors in the cheek area, the protrusion of the protective filler in the frontal part of the helmet, the bumper at the bottom of the helmet.

Fastening System. An important point in any headgear is how it is attached to the head. This can be using velcro, laces, and/or fasteners. When worn, the protector must not slip or move. Each person has individual proportions and head sizes, but helmets are produced as universal for one or another head volume.

Protective Filler. The protective functions of a Muay Thai headgear depend not only on its geometry but also on the protective properties of the pad. An effective filler absorbs impact energy of various strengths, dispersing the damaging force over the area. The headgear filler is a rather difficult question, it happens that an overly soft helmet makes weak blows almost imperceptible, but breaks through with a strong hit. You can only find out how effectively a particular helmet will extinguish the energy of an impact in a combat situation. So read reviews for specific helmet models.

Workmanship. The quality of the helmet’s performance depends not only on its appearance but also on how long the padding will retain its protective properties, whether it will not breakthrough after a few months of use. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the buckles or Velcro on the chinstrap, and other accessories responsible for the fit and adjustment of the helmet on the head. Also, pay attention to the quality of the helmet shell. Usually, high-quality boxing helmets are made of genuine leather, the seams on them are neat and durable.

Hygiene and Comfort. Even the safest helmet is useless if it does not have the proper level of ventilation and comfort for the fighter’s head. An inappropriate size can cause enormous troubles during operation, as you are constantly exposed to external influences. If the helmet itself will rub, or cause inconvenience to you, then during even one training sparring, all negative moments will increase significantly.

In addition to proper ventilation panels, a good helmet should have pads that are comfortable for you and absorb the athlete’s sweat. I emphasize again: ventilation and moisture absorption pads should be comfortable for you. Be sure to check this before buying.


Many athletes sometimes think that Muay Thai Headgear hardly protects and it is only inconvenient to train with it. There are people who persuade the coach to work in training without him. But I hope that I was able to prove to you that this is a necessary attribute in order to preserve your health. I advise you to pay special attention to the RDX Headguard for Boxing model.

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